Kenny Willekes Displays Unique Athleticism

Kenny Willekes ended his stand-out career at Michigan State and has been preparing for the 2020 NFL Draft with us at PowerStrength. *Read THIS article to learn more background on Kenny and him growing up with PowerStrength in high school Despite only playing defensive end for 3 seasons (in his entire life), he put together […]

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PSTS Disciple, Willekes, Wins Burlsworth Trophy

Last week long-time PowerStrength Disciple, Kenny Willekes (MSU, NorthPointe), won the Burlsworth Trophy awarded to the nation’s best player who started their career as a walk-on. This award exemplifies humble beginnings and the complacency kills mindset – and we’re very proud to have a front-row seat to Kenny’s journey! As you know, it’s not an […]

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Football Headlines, Highlights, and How to Start Your Off-Season

The football off-season is starting, while others are in the middle of a playoff push. We have had football athletes flooding back to the gym to begin their off-season programs. We wanted to re-cap and highlight a few headlines from some of our most dedicated football athletes this past season. The links to the articles […]

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