Last weekend we held our first “PowerLead” course. These courses will take place every 3-6 weeks or whenever we see fit. Through this course we will be discussing  leadership/character, leadership qualities, and how to live them out day-to-day.  I’ve wanted to add this to our program for some time now. I recently heard current University […]

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PowerStrength Focus- Forest Hills Gymnastics

CONGRATS TO THE FOREST HILLS GYMNASTICS TEAM!  Throughout the winter the FH Gymnastics Team made it a point to train properly during their season. Fortunately they were led to us by their driven and dedicated coach who has trained at PowerStrength herself! These girls are tough, athletic, eager to learn, and have desire to get […]

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One of the first strength seminars I ever attended was at the EliteFTS Compound in London, Ohio. If you don’t know of Elite and who Dave Tate is- Google him or check out Some of the strongest men in the world train there. At this point of my life I had already worked with […]

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