Athlete Testimonials

“The added confidence, strength, and power took her game to a completely different level.”

“Best decision we ever made was to follow Abbey’s wish to work out with PowerStrength! Having skills to play at a high level is great, but the added confidence, strength, and power took her game to a completely different level. She shared her goal of transitioning her body with the PowerStrength Team to not only be the best high school player she can be, but to have a body and frame to compete at the D1 collegiate level when she arrives on campus. Seeing Abbey make the commitment to do this has been fun to watch. She’ll tell you it’s hard work, but the payoff is unmatched!  Thank you PowerStrength for all you’ve done for my daughter, both physically and mentally!”

-Father Of PSTS Athlete

“He was not only pushed very hard, but taught how to truly train the right way and his numbers erupted instantly.”

“Thank you so much to the staff at PowerStrength. Your investment in kids in West Michigan goes far beyond a typical gym. There’s a reason people will travel up to an hour+ away to train with you. The leadership, character development and genuine care for each person that walks through the door is unparalleled. To our family personally, it was a sanctuary for our son.

When Kade’s Dad got really sick (during Covid), Brian and the coaches personally called to offer his support. They continued to follow up numerous times over the subsequent months to ensure Kade was okay. They knew Kade needed to be in the gym. While Kade was going through the recruiting process, his Dad was on life support and I trusted the conversations Brian and the staff at PSTS were having with Kade – and how those conversations would help shape the major decisions he would have to make.

It was such a trying time and yet I knew PowerStrength would provide both high pressure to excel and high support to make it happen. I trusted the mentorship that surrounded Kade each day.

Emotional support aside, the physical growth that Kade made in his months training at PowerStrength was unreal. He was not only pushed very hard, but taught how to truly train the right way. Early in his training he was taught strategic ways to handle drills, lifting, etc. and his numbers erupted instantly. It only got better from there.

Now that we have moved Kade into CMU, it is great to get calls home and the appreciation he is feeling having trained at PowerStrength. Kade honestly can’t believe he is 17-years old in a Division 1 football program. While of course this is a whole new level and Kade has a ton to learn from the veterans and coaching staff, we feel confident he went into that situation the very best prepared that he possibly could have due to the training and guidance he received at PowerStrength.”

-Mother Of PSTS Athlete

“The individual attention PowerStrength provides to their athletes is immeasurable!”


Zak has always worked hard and been self-driven.  PowerStrength pushed him to improve and took him to another level.  He would not have made the incredible gains without the great staff at PowerStrength.

The individual attention PowerStrength provides to their athletes is immeasurable!  PowerStrength has a great training environment (all 3 of my boys love it) where trainers and fellow athletes push you to improve. The knowledge the trainers possess from nutrition plans to specific exercise regimens have helped Zak buy in even further – if the effort is there, the results will be as well.   

In addition to the expertise and results, the relationships that are built at PowerStrength between the athletes & coaches are powerful and keeps the kids coming back. I can honestly say all 3 of my boys would not be where they are today without PowerStrength!

-Mike A. (Father Of PSTS Athlete)

“The Only Regret I Have Is Not Getting Him Involved With PSTS Sooner!”

We are very proud of Nick and can really see a lot of changes in him! Since he began working with PowerStrength, he has grown physically, which has also been noticed by his football coaches. He has learned to change his eating habits to a much more healthy, nutritious diet with the help of the nutrition plans given to him by PSTS. My favorite change in Nick is the increase in confidence he has gained through PSTS. We are very excited and looking forward to seeing how these changes affect his performance on the field. The only regret I have is not getting him involved with PSTS sooner! Thank you all for all you have done for him. We appreciate it.

Irene R. (Mother of PSTS Athlete)

“I Knew They Cared About My Goals And What I Wanted To Achieve”

Throughout high school and even into college, I thought I was working hard in the gym. Yes, I would always try my best and push myself, but nothing compares to the meaning of hard work that lingers at PowerStrength. PowerStrength holds a whole new idea of what it means to work hard, not only physically but also in terms of what you eat pre and post workout. That was a big change for me because many places only consider the physical aspect and often leave the nutritional side up for you to figure out. The coaches here push you each day to do your best and don’t allow you to do otherwise. They create an atmosphere where you’re always engaged by constantly giving you feedback on your technique. They also get to know you on a personal level. This gave me more confidence because I knew they cared about my goals and what I wanted to achieve. Overall, I have already seen the benefits of training at PowerStrength. This has been hands down been the best decision I’ve made.

Hope L. (PSTS Athlete – NAIA Volleyball)

“Kyler Looks Forward To Training Every Time We Take Him, And Tells Us He Feels Much Stronger.”

Thanks to you and your staff for all your time, and making these workouts fun! Kyler looks forward to training every time we take him, and tells us he feels much stronger. We also appreciate you challenging him, we know that he is growing both as an athlete and young man.

Nick Z. (Father of PSTS Athlete)

“They Demand Your Best In All Things. They Push You To Be The Best You Can Be.  They Want You To Reach Your Goals.”

Power Strength Training Systems has been a powerful addition to Spencer’s weekly workout routine since he joined PSTS in December of 2017.  Spencer entered his Junior year of Football, at South Christian, as a TE turned left OT. Even though he was a hard worker three days a week in the school the weight room, he entered the football season at 245 pounds.  Spencer, at 6’5″ and 245 pounds needed to find a way to add strength, muscle, flexibility and leadership skills if he wanted to play football at the next level. I knew Spencer needed more to help him make it to the highest level of college football.  

Spencer heard about PSTS from a few players on his team.  I looked into PSTS by talking to the player’s parents and finding other players and parents who were involved at PSTS. Digging deeper, on the internet, I found that PSTS was a perfect fit for Spencer to take a leap forward in his training.   Spencer and I met with Mark Ehnis, owner of PSTS, and had the opportunity to sit and talk about what it was that Spencer and I were hoping to get out of PSTS. Mark wanted to know what his goals for football were and how could PSTS help him achieve them.  They took Spencer, as an individual, and put together an outstanding individualized program that complemented his High School weight program.

Spencer began working out at school three days a week and at PSTS three days a week.  You may say, six days a week? But, PSTS does so much more than strength training. They work on the athlete’s full body flexibility.  The PSTS staff work on proper technique in ALL aspects of the things they do. They demand your best in all things. They push you to be the best you can be.  They want you to reach your goals.

Spencer joined the Monday night Premier Group, all High School football players who desire to play at the college level.  These young men pushed each other to the limit each week. They spent time, at the end of each Monday workout, to talk about leadership and how they can be leaders on the field and in school.  Wow, what great stuff. I wish they had this when I played football. It’s truly outstanding.

Spencer loves going to PSTS.  He loves the staff and the athletes he works out with.  He has become friends with players from all over Western Michigan.  They all chat, motivate and encourage each other. It has been a great experience for Spencer.  

Since December and with the help, encouragement and direction that PSTS has given Spencer he has turned his 6’5″ frame into a steely 280 pounds of muscle.  PSTS staff members prepared him for college football testing; 40 dash, vertical jump, shuttle run and broad jump for college football combines and showcases.  

Spencer put in the time and worked hard to achieve his goal of landing a Division One Power Five full scholarship. There is no doubt that this would not have happened without the PSTS staff and their commitment to help Spencer reach his goal.  

Spencer will be signing, during the early Division one signing period in December and will be an early enrollee.  He is very excited. He will always be a Power Strength man, and thanks the staff for all they have done for him to achieve his goals.  PSTS will always be there to encourage and support Spencer and all the athletes at PSTS.  

Todd H. (Father of PSTS Athlete – Division I Football)

“PowerStrength Took Both His Physical And Mental Training To The Next Level”

Jake has always been a very hard, disciplined individual when it comes to his workouts and training. I can honestly say PowerStrength took both his physical and mental training to the next level. Receiving the opportunity to play at the next level would not have been achievable it weren’t for all the additional training and support of the entire staff at PowerStrength.

Dan M. (Father of PSTS Athlete – Division II Football)

“The Confidence And Strength She Gets From The Program Has Done Wonders”

Haley has excelled since starting at PowerStrength. She has been asked to try out for the Varsity softball team as a freshman along with subbing for an 18u team as a 14u player.  I believe the confidence and strength she gets from the program has done wonders for her. You can see the physical differences as well!

Nicole M. (Mother of PSTS Athlete)

“Training With Other Athletes Knowing They Want To Get Better Like Myself Is My Favorite Part”

It’s a great program and there is no way you won’t get bigger, stronger, and better. Training with other athletes knowing they want to get better like myself is my favorite part. I learned that complacency kills – I can always demand more of myself to improve.

Wyatt B. (PSTS Athlete – Division II Football)

“We Knew The Volleyball Goals Were Lofty And That She Needed The Support Of An ‘Elite’ Level Facility And Staff To Guide And Train Her”

PowerStrength has been top-notch and a strong positive influence on Audrey.  I’m very thankful for and appreciate all of your efforts in training her over the summer.  Audrey has never been shy of aiming high when it comes to goals. With volleyball still ‘new’ by way of experience, we knew the volleyball goals were lofty and that she needed the support of an ‘elite’ level facility and staff to guide and train her with positive instruction and with elite member athletes in the environment.  Kudos and thanks for providing all of that. I’m proud to share that Audrey made her high school team!

Peter T. (Father of PSTS Athlete)

“My Husband And I Both Noticed The Change In Baxter’s Stride And Running Mechanics”

At a tournament last weekend my husband and I both noticed the change in Baxter’s stride and running mechanics on the field. His posture and how he uses his arms has changed, and he was smokin’ it to get the soccer ball! His endurance was high for a weekend full of games. Thanks for all you do!

Kim B. (Mother of PSTS Athlete)

“Her Increased Strength Has Made Her So Much More Confident On The Court.”

PowerStrength has been pivotal in Eliza’s progress as a volleyball player. Of course, the testing numbers show some of her advancement, but the difference in her confidence is what I see as the biggest takeaway. Her increased strength has made her so much more confident on the court, plus the confidence that she has gained by being in the program, in general, is huge. Her mental strength has improved just as much as the physical. Thank you so much! 

Christina T. (Mother of PSTS Athlete)

“In The Last Six-Months Alone, I Added 5-inches To My Vertical, Gained Over 30 Pounds On My Bench Press, And Ran My Fastest 40-yard Sprint Time.”

I have been attending PowerStrength for the last three years. The constant coaching and intense workouts have helped me to become a better athlete than I ever imagined. I’m stronger and faster now than I’ve ever been. In the last six-months alone, I added 5-inches to my vertical, gained over 30 pounds on my bench press, and ran my fastest 40-yard sprint time. At PowerStrength they push you physically and mentally to go above and beyond your personal goals. I’ll continue to train with them as I prepare for my college football career. If you want to be the best, train with the best.

Cole V. (PSTS Athlete – Division I Football)

“PowerStrength Has Been A Life-changing Event For Me.”

PowerStrength has been a life-changing event for me. I came into the program looking to increase my speed and strength which are the two areas in rugby I believe hindered my game the most. The incredible staff at PowerStrength has helped me exceed my own expectations and have truly pushed me to levels I didn’t know I had. The coaches really push you to get better and better each session. I have learned so many new tools that I will continue to utilize and that will help grow me into a better athlete! I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to train at PowerStrength.

Hannah T. (PSTS Athlete – Rugby National Champion)

“PowerStrength Helped Him To Have Confidence And Discipline. He Has Enjoyed The Little Beasts Program And Always Looks Forward To Training!”

PowerStrength has been such a positive experience for Luke. The staff is amazing. They care about Luke as an athlete, but also as a person. They welcomed Luke the minute he walked through the doors, and they continue to support him both as an athlete and as a person. He liked the challenge of pushing himself. It was awesome to see him excited about reaching a goal. He said PowerStrength helped him to have confidence and discipline. He has enjoyed the Little Beasts Program and always looks forward to training! PowerStrength is so much more than training for athletes. It’s also about personal growth. Seeing that kind of change in Luke has been worth every minute.

Sue S. (Mother of PSTS Athlete)

“PowerStrength Has Made A World Of Difference In Alexus…As A Leader On And Off The Field.”

PowerStrength has made a world of difference in Alexus. Both in her strength, and her confidence as a leader on and off the field. The relationships that she has grown with the coaches are amazing. Alexus respects the coaches and also takes all their feedback to heart and focuses on that. She really looks up to all the coaches at PS. The visual difference in her endurance to make it through 3 games on the mound is amazing!! I recommend PS to everyone I know, and have referred 2 other softball players who are now a part of the PS family.

Catherine B. (Mother of PSTS Athlete)

“PowerStrength Has Given Austin Self Esteem To Where He No Longer Sees Himself As Just Being The Small Kid, But As A Strong, Well-trained Competitive Athlete.”

PowerStrength has been amazing for Austin! Austin is a smaller kid for his age and PowerStrength has pushed him beyond what he ever believed he could do. The training has provided strength, endurance and a level of confidence for Austin that he needed to stay competitive despite his size. He loves going to the training, never complains, even when I switched him to mornings! PowerStrength has given Austin self esteem to where he no longer sees himself as just being the small kid, but as a strong, well-trained competitive athlete.

Shan M. (Mother of PSTS Athlete)

“They Know The In’s And Out’s Of The Techniques Needed To Improve Your Combine Numbers, While Also Making You A Better Athlete.”

I have been training at PowerStrength since the 8th grade. It’s a great place for serious athletes to train together and push one another. They know the in’s and out’s of the techniques needed to improve your combine numbers, while also making you a better athlete. Despite much improvement over the years, in the last 12-weeks alone PowerStrength has helped me: gain over 10 inches on my broad jump, set personal bests in the 10-yard sprint and pro agility tests, add 3-inches to my vertical, and gain 7 pounds of muscle! Their expertise is second to none, and is one reason I will continue to train with them throughout high school and into college!

Nolan F. (Division II Football)

“Their System Made Me Physically Stronger, And It Has Also Built Up My Mental Toughness”

PSTS is the best gym in America, hands down. Not only has their system made me physically stronger, and it has also built up my mental toughness as well. PowerStrength is somewhere I can always call my home.

Ethan Z. (PSTS Athlete)

“Training At PowerStrength Has Given Hannah Not Only The Physical Capacity To Excel As An Athlete, But More Importantly The Knowledge That She Is Prepared.”

Training at PowerStrength has given Hannah not only the physical capacity to excel as an athlete, but more importantly the knowledge that she is prepared.  Being prepared gives you confidence….confidence allows you to play loose and improves your chance to excel. Everyday she is getting a little better, and when you add up all of those days over a year you have significant growth. Hannah trained at four other gyms before we found PSTS. Quite honestly it was difficult to see any measurable change. PSTS makes the Difference!

Barb C. (Mother of PSTS Athlete – NAIA Softball) 

“I’ve Become The Athlete That I Always Wanted To Be.”

I cannot express in words how thankful I am for this program and for all of the PSTS staff. They have created a place that has allowed me to forget about everything that is going on in the outside world and focus on myself and making myself the best athlete that I can be. PowerStrength has impacted my life so much more than I ever thought it would. I’ve become the athlete that I always wanted to be. The principles and values PSTS embodies carries over to my everyday life. I’m so thankful for them pushing me to be a better athlete and better person. PowerStrength has helped me out tremendously and it was one of my best decisions ever to start training here. I know I will always have another family here.

Sam M. (Division I Volleyball)

“They Are Building So Much More Than Just Athletes.”

Since starting with PowerStrength we have seen improvements in Trent’s confidence in himself as an athlete and person. He just attended a football camp and instead of blending in, he would be first in line and willing to demonstrate a drill. With a busy summer of camps and other things he always looks forward to his time at PowerStrength, never an issue getting him to go. He talks highly of all the coaches he has, and really enjoys the positive energy they convey. Trent has also improved his eating habits along with ours, as he points of better food choices from a nutritional view. As a parent, we look forward to continuing Trent’s time at PowerStrength, because they are building so much more than just athletes.

Mark J. (Father of PSTS Athlete)

“His Work Ethic, And Transformation As An Athlete In The Last 6 Months Is Truly Due To The Work Of All The Trainers At PSTS.”

I want to let you know how proud I was of Alec yesterday at the Michigan Football camp.

He finished 5th in the 125 yard dash out of all freshmen. His work ethic, and transformation as an athlete in the last 6 months is truly due to the work of all the trainers at PSTS. Word can’t express how thankful I’m for all you done for him. I’m excited to see how much more he will improve.

Al F. (Father of PSTS Athlete)

“I Can’t Say Enough About The Hard Work And Dedication You And The Other Staff Members Put Into Training These Young Athletes.”

I wanted to let you guys know that you have done an amazing job with Max, and the results are impressive.  Max loves working out with you, both in the weight room and on the court. I rant and rave about PSTS to everyone I talk sports with. It is definitely making a difference in his game, his physique, and his confidence.  I can’t say enough about the hard work and dedication you and the other staff members put into training these young athletes.  The best training around no doubt!  We are very proud to be part of the PSTS family.

Max looked and played really strong this weekend and I tell everyone I attribute it to him lifting at PowerStrength. He’s always been a good shooter but he looked so much quicker and stronger out there this weekend and was killing kids off the dribble and finishing strong. Even gave the ‘flex’ after an and 1. He scored 13 or our team’s 15 points in 3 straight games.


I love the results from PowerStrength and so does Max. My wife and I can definitely see the difference. We’re strong believers in PSTS and love what you guys have done for Max, and Max loves training with Brian. Keep up the good work.

Matt P. (Father of PSTS Athlete)

“They Were Super Impressed With His Level Of Fitness And He Owes It All To PowerStrength.”

When Devin arrived for camp they completed fitness testing on all athletes. Not only did Devin pass on his first attempt, he was one of the few to accomplish this feat. Later, the coaches shared with us that they pushed him “extra hard” so see how fit he was, since he had not been around during the summer. They were super impressed with his level of fitness and he owes it all to PowerStrength. He continues to excel during his freshman year and we wanted to say, Thank You!

Walter M. (Father of PSTS Athlete)

“Those Who Saw Him Before The Summer And Then When He Returned In The Fall, Witnessed How His Body And Attitude Transformed.”

I wanted to send a hugely heartfelt thank you for all your team did for Jake this past summer and into his school year.

As you know, his wonderfully generous and knowledgeable uncle, Dean Rosendall, wanted him to learn how to lift and develop as an athlete in an environment that would guide him and teach him the correct techniques. It would be challenging but the support and expertise would be in place.  The mindset your facility provides is amazing.  Your staff is exceptional. Always helpful, always knowledgeable, always approachable.

I cannot say enough but it is obvious by all who know Jake.  Those who saw him before the summer and then when he returned in the fall, witnessed how his body and attitude transformed. He grew both physically and as an athlete. In fact, he was one of the slower finishers during conditioning drills last year and literally finished first this fall in a running exercise. By several feet, I was told.

Brian and Jackie N. (Parents of PSTS Athlete)  

“I Learned I Can Lead, From Going To PowerStrength!”

I am sending this because I want to thank you! Q led stretching this morning at a basketball camp that we put on at Maranatha Bible Camp. When asked if he could do it, he said, “No problem, I learned from PowerStrength.” From my ‘mom’ point of view, what he really said was, “I learned I can lead, from going to PowerStrength!” Thank you for teaching my three boys, worth every penny!

Kari H. (Mother of PSTS Athlete)

“Always Coming Back For Off Season Training”

I can’t speak highly enough of this establishment. I’ve been a regular for four years and there’s not much that can keep me from coming. The staff are all very knowledgeable and experts in their field. They are able to write specific programs tailored to any goal or specific sport.
I’ve been playing football professionally for a couple seasons and I will always be coming back for off season training. Highly recommended.

Jesse P. – Pro Group

Cam White – Complete Transformation

“PowerStrength has turned me into a freak and put me in position to pursue a professional football career.” 

Gained 16lbs, rehabbed ACL injury, while adding over 7″ to his vertical jump to jump a 41″!

235lbs Before Image
251lbs After Image
“Because of PSTS I have gotten much more athletic and have increased my vertical jump to become a better volleyball player- I earned a D1 scholarship!”

“I have been training at PSTS three times a week for the past year. I train at PSTS because of the intensity it brings to my workout. The coaches are constantly pushing me. I started training at PSTS because I heard how many people loved it and how much it helped them bring their skills to the next level. Because of PSTS I have gotten much more athletic and have increased my vertical jump to become a better volleyball player. I achieved my goal of earning a full-ride scholarship to a D1 program!  My first impression of PSTS was that it was intimidating. The more I came to PSTS the less intimidating it became and the more I felt like I fit right in.” – Paige 0. – High School Volleyball 

Prepped for Division 1 Football and Plays as a True Freshman!

7-weeks of PSTS training to sharpen the edge for Division 1 summer training camp.

“Thanks for helping me get to where I’m at- PSTS has made a big difference!” 

219lbs Before Image
225lbs After Image
Scrawny to Brawny – Totally Committed

Rather than make excuses, he made it happen. 

148lbs Before Image
184lbs After Image
“The PowerStrength team has pushed him through encouragement and leadership to challenge him to get the most out of himself when he thought he had nothing more to give.”

“Dear Mark and the entire PSTS team,

My son, Brett joined your program almost a year ago and I thought I should send a big “thank you” to you and your team.  I cannot express to you the impact you have had on his life in this short time.  When he started the program he was a pudgy 180+ lbs and somewhat athletic, (basically because he is very coachable and would do anything a coach would ask of him).  At the height of his work-outs he turned that into 200+lbs of more sculpted muscle and his athletic ability increased as well as the confidence he has in himself .  Through sports practices he has lost some weight but has kept the strength and tone.  His eating habits are more health conscious and he is more aware of the contents he is putting into his body.

Now, all of the muscles and nutrition aspects are truly wonderful, but what I find even more impactful is how your program makes him want to be a better human being overall.  On and off the field…inside and outside the classroom.  He’s makes better decisions and doesn’t chance ruining all he has worked so hard for.  The PowerStrength team has pushed him through encouragement and leadership to challenge him to get the most out of himself when he thought he had nothing more to give.  As a mother, I couldn’t be more proud of him and what he has accomplished and the young man he is.

This is Brett’s senior year and his big chance to shine on the field and to enjoy the successes due to all of his hard work!  Heartbreakingly, as you know, Brett suffered an ACL tear in his right knee before he was able to experience those successes in football.  As I type, tears are falling from my eyes because I know you are not aware of how you have helped him cope with his injury.  If it weren’t for PSTS, we would be dealing with a very different and depressed young man right now.  The true sense of family that he feels with the PS family is indescribable.  You are helping him in more ways than just physical improvements.  He doesn’t feel alone in his injury as you all have encountered and overcame all sorts of injuries within your careers and have been there without us even asking.  This means so very much to us and I can never thank you enough for your support.

PowerStrength isn’t a gym where a bunch of muscle heads go to max out and tan. In my experience with Brett, it is a true family that pushes athletes to their full potential while building character, values and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Please feel free to share so people know just how special and dedicated the PowerStrength family is.

Thank you again for all of your support! ”

-Kandi F. – Mother of PSTS Athlete

Accomplished Dream of D1 Football!

Scrawny high school athlete trains for over 2 years and gains 30+lbs while earning his way to the D1 level! 

176lbs Before Image
209lbs After Image
Gained over 50lbs and a starting spot!

Skinny high school football player who wanted to earn a starting spot on varsity. Trained like a madman for 2-years. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Before - 129lbs Before Image
After - 184lbs After Image
“PSTS reminds me never to become complacent. The intensity is unmatched. You get stronger – you get better. Period.”

Shattered all previous bests and developed a new mindset! Always hungry!

208lbs Before Image
220lbs After Image
Lacrosse Player Gained Over 20lbs and Transformed!

Wowed scouts with speed and athleticism. Gained 6″ on his vertical in 10-months!

Before Image
After Image
Trained Consistently for 18-months and Earned Scholarship!

Ran the fastest 40yd dash of his life and became even MORE lethal on the field! 

 “It’s a badass program and there is no way you won’t get bigger, stronger, and better. Training with other athletes knowing they want to get better like myself is my favorite part. I learned that complacency kills- I can always demand more of myself to improve.” – Wyatt B. – College Football

170lbs Before Image
184lbs After Image
“I gained over 20lbs and earned a D1 Scholarship!”

PSTS has taught me a lot about how to train and turn into the player that I want to become. It’s not like other gyms where they just see you once or twice a week and don’t care about your life. At PowerStrength they try to get you better at all aspects of life not just physical. They actually care. My time training at PowerStrength has been the best decision of my life.” Stevie E. – High School Football 

 Stevie Eipper

8-months of Dedication

“PSTS changes a person for the best. It is a family that I’m proud to be apart of. Since coming here I am a better person and athlete.”Brett. F – High School Lacrosse

Before Image
After Image
Physical Therapist says, “…truly teaches the principles of training….truly believe these athletes have lowered their chances of injury…”

“My name is Luke Lettinga and I have been training periodically at PSTS on and off through my graduate school program. Now that I have finished my schooling, I felt compelled to write this little note for Mark, the PSTS team, and anyone interested in their program because of all the things I have seen and have experienced that have had a positive impact on me.

This is not a sales pitch for their gym. I do not work for them, and will receive no compensation or gain by writing this. I am just happy to commend this team for creating a program that is up to date on training techniques, safe, preventative, and guarantees to make any athlete, as Mark would say, “Beasts.”

This is the only place, which I have seen, in West Michigan that truly teaches athletes the principles of training. They teach from the ground up. Training starts with form and technique until these are mastered. They take all the necessary steps in order for their athletes to progress from simple exercises and tasks to more advanced. This makes injuries almost non-existent at this place, even when some of the advanced kids begin to throw around some serious weight.

They also incorporate great mobility training in order for these athletes to minimize injury. I am always impressed with the amount of mobility and tissue work done by these young athletes. The skills and techniques these athletes are using day in and day out are truly advanced skills to improve tissue consistency and joint range of motion that even most of my graduating classmates are unaware of and unable to teach. On several occasions Mark has taught me new exercises and techniques that I have incorporated into treatment with my patients. With increased mobility and strong muscular control of their increased range of motion, I truly believe these athletes have lowered their chances of musculoskeletal injuries in practice and on the field. I am extremely impressed by EVERY athlete at EVERY level completing a great warm-up, including proper and advanced tissue and mobility exercises. These guys are ahead of the game.

The environment created in this place is also fantastic. It’s a great combination of athletic improvement and locker room friendship. It’s a place where I see young athletes excited to train and excited to keep coming back. 

I am also impressed with Mark and the PSTS coaches on their knowledge of training and nutrition overall. I know they have spent countless hours researching and sifting through all the garbage out there in the fitness world to give good advice to anyone who needs some guidance. They’re professionals for a reason. 

In a time where “Fad” workouts and trademarked training styles are taking over the fitness world, these guys have found the best way to get results with athletes and adults of any level. Just take a look at the achievements of the large numbers of athletes and clients coming out of this gym, and it should be convincing enough. I will continue to recommend and train at PSTS for all these reasons.” – Luke Lettinga CSCS, DPT (CSCS-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, DPT- Doctorate of Physical Therapy)

“The sense of hard work and devotion that Mark has helped instill within me allowed me the privilege of being an ESPN First Team All-American in 2013-14.”

mike s

“I have had the privilege of training with Coach Mark Ehnis for almost 7 years now. What has impressed me the most about Mark is his unparalled enthusiasm towards helping all of his athletes in every way he knows how. His devotion to combining the fundamentals with new and innovative training methods, both on and off the field, ha had a profound influence on my success both as an athlete and a man. The sense of hard work and devotion that Mark has helped instill within me allowed me the privilege of being an ESPN First Team All-American in 2013-14. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Mark and PSTS as I begin my journey towards the NFL.” – Mike S. – College Football

Division 1 Strength Coach Loves Atmosphere!

Kurt H Testimonial

“I have been in the athlete performance field for over 25 years and have coached along side Hall of Fame coaches. This summer I had the opportunity to train with Coach Mark Ehnis and a few of his NFL clientele at PowerStrength Training Systems and I was not disappointed. I am not one to sit and watch others coach, I want to feel and experience what the athletes experience when I visit other coaches. Every training session was well thought out, intense, and mentally challenging. It’s hard to find training facilities that have a true training atmosphere and Grand Rapids has one of the best.”Kurt Hester – LA Tech University Strength Coach

Gained 30+lbs in 9-months for Senior Football Season!

Trained 4x/week for 9-months and started on both offense and defense!

“Training here has made me better on and off the field. We’re taught that every rep is important. We hold each other accountable which helps to creates a great atmosphere.” – Jack C. – High School Football

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203lbs After Image
“If you want to be the best, you have to surround yourself with the best – and that’s what PSTS is all about.”

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“I have been training at PSTS since the doors opened 3 years ago and I wouldn’t consider going to another gym in the state. I have improved everything about my game after working with Mark and the team. Because of PSTS I have elevated my game to the collegiate level and will continue to work with Mark. If you want to be the best, you have to surround yourself with the best – and that’s what PSTS is all about.” – Jacob H. – College Football

“The professional level of workouts these young athletes are getting is amazing. And the results your athlete will experience are second to none.”

“Mark is a naturally gifted teacher.  He knows how to tailor workouts to bring out the best in each athlete.  His encouragement and support goes beyond the weight room and results in a very positive relationship with each athlete as kids really look up to Mark.  Mark is exceptionally strong, and provides an excellent role model for athletes who want to achieve those same results.  His leadership skills are outstanding and his quiet confidence allows him to retain his authority when he needs to and yet, make the lifting experience a lot of fun when the kids are working out.  He is continually changing the exercise progression so athletes are always challenged and they do not get bored with any one routine.  He creates an uplifting environment in the gym for each athlete and encourages the more advanced kids to reach out and be supportive of the less advanced athletes in a positive manner.  The professional level of workouts these young athletes are getting is amazing.  And the results your son or daughter will experience are second to none.” – Barb B. – Mother of PSTS Athlete

“Overall I feel like PSTS has helped improve my confidence, strength, and nutritional habits.”

tat“I’ve been training at PowerStrength since day 1 and during this time it has changed my life. I’ve always enjoyed working out but my workouts were never as intense or detailed as the workouts I received from PSTS. The biggest thing that I’ve learned is what goes into training outside of the weight room- for example, eating habits, hydration, and sleeping habits. Oh yeah, and of course embracing the suck. The intensity, atmosphere and competitive nature are the things I enjoy most at PSTS. There is never a day where you are not pushed to get better. Overall I feel like PSTS has helped improve my confidence, strength, and nutritional habits. PSTS is smaller than most weight rooms and gyms I’ve been in but it’s not about the size, it’s about the work you put in.” – Isiah D. – College Football

“You give them the ability to overcome obstacles they previously thought impossible.”

I just wanted to thank you for giving the kids a very important tool to succeed not only in their sporting endeavors but in life as well- and that is the ability to overcome obstacles that they previously thought impossible.  After every workout at your facility the boys came home tired and sweaty and a little nauseous, but with a sense of accomplishment of something that was out of reach by their standard before the workout. You do a fabulous job teaching the young boys what it is to truly push themselves and not only compete with others, but more importantly, to always compete with themselves.” – Phil H. – Father of PSTS Athlete

“Helped keep my shoulders’ pain free after surgeries!”

IMG_6924“Before PSTS I spent my summers following my school’s strength program to prepare for my upcoming college football season. After my experience at PSTS I know I will be back whenever I return home. Some of the biggest things I have learned are proper squatting technique and new ways to strengthen my shoulders while keeping them pain free after multiple surgeries.  However, what I like most about training at PSTS is working out with other like-minded athletes. Training with athletes that compete at higher levels than myself has improved both my physical and mental toughness because I now know what it takes to workout with better athletes. As a result, I feel more prepared this year for football heading into two-a-days than I had during my previous college seasons. Unlike other high school and college strength programs, PSTS uses unique exercises that keep athletes excited to workout while valuing a health-conscious approach to every lift.” – Matt V. – College Football

The people here are what make it special. Unbelievable place. Unbelievable gym. But most importantly it is a family and we all look out for each other.”

“PowerStrength has taught me more about leadership than what I was used to. All the younger athletes look up to you and you truly have an impact on them. It’s awesome to be a part of this gym. People will stop me all around the state and ask me about my PSTS shirt because they’ve heard about it and want to know what goes on there. The people here are what make it special. Unbelievable place. Unbelievable gym. But most importantly it is a family and we all look out for each other.” – Jesse P. College Football

“PSTS has helped shape me into the athlete and person I am today.”

“Since Training at PowerStrength, I have gained 15lbs, increased my vertical by 6 inches, and have increased my overall full body strength. PowerStrength combines intense training with a family-like atmosphere in the gym. It is unlike any other gym there is with a top of the line staff. No other workout will be as satisfying for the rest of your life. PowerStrength has helped shape me into the athlete and person I am today and helped me pursue playing in college.” – Thomas B. – High School Soccer

“PSTS helped prepare me for my college football career and now I come back every summer.”

“PowerStrength has provided me with the best training environment I have ever experienced. They helped prepare me for my college football career and I come back every summer. I have gained over 40lbs since training here, jumped my highest vertical, and came back from labrum surgery in my shoulder to be pain free and bench an all-time PR! Every single athlete is serious about getting better and the coaches know what they are talking about. Iron definitely sharpens iron at PSTS.” – Jake B. – College Football

“What sets PSTS apart from other training facilities is the fact that they actually care about you as an athlete. They want to see you get better and take pride when you reach your goals.”

“The training I did at my high school gym before PSTS was challenging, but I never felt myself getting any stronger or better. I just did it because I had to. Most of the time, people just goofed off anyway and never finished any of their sets. At PSTS I can see results from my work. Not only do I finish my sets, I do them correctly so I can get the most out of every rep. I have gained more explosiveness, overall strength, confidence, and mental toughness. Now when I am faced with a challenge, I know I can do it. I love being surrounded by serious athletes who want to help me get better as well as themselves. I also love having coaches around that tell me immediately if I am doing an exercise wrong. I feel that PSTS has made me a better athlete and taught me what I have to do to be the best: work hard, be dedicated, and never stop trying to be better, My favorite part about PSTS is being in an environment that encourages me to push my own limits because that is the only way I am going to get better. What sets PSTS apart from other training facilities is the fact that they actually care about you as an athlete. They want to see you get better and take pride when you reach your goals. That’s why I am a member at PSTS. The workouts may be hard, but the results make everything worthwhile.” – Kathryn P. – High School Softball and Swimming

“My only regret about PSTS is not starting the program sooner.”

“I was very excited to get started at PowerStrength because I saw how quickly my teammates who attended PSTS became dominating factors on the field.  I began the intense training 3 times a week and followed the nutrition plan. Within a few short weeks I saw definitive results.  I felt more powerful than ever and I frequently noticed the increase in my strength.  My 40 yard dash time has been shaved by almost 5 tenths of a second. I went from running a 5.2 to a 4.7 in almost no time.  I am now a factor to be acknowledged on the field.  “PowerStrength has taught me that there’s always a method to the madness within the program. On a personal note- it has changed my life as I have learned important qualities that helped me grow as a man.” My only regret about PowerStrength Training Systems is not starting the program sooner.” – Bennett D. – D1 College Lacrosse

“I’ll continue to use what I learned for the rest of my life.”

“Dear Mark, I would like to thank you so much for the time spent at the PSTS this winter. It is truly a one of a kind place to train for Grand Rapids area athletes. In a span of two short months my lifting stats went through the roof. I put on 10lbs of body weight while improving my vertical jump. I also gained over 100lbs on my box squat and almost 40lbs on my bench- allowing me to hit my long-time goal of 300lbs, which used to be merely a dream. The lifting techniques and nutrition tips are things I will have for the rest of my life and will use to continue building my body to be the best athlete I can be. Heading into spring practice this season I can already tell that your training has made me a much better athlete. Whenever I’m back home, I’ll be training with you.” – Gus P. – D1 College Football

“I couldn’t do a single push-up!”

In my 18-months of training at PSTS I had lost a lot of fat and gained a lot of muscle. When I started I was unable to do a single push-up or chin-up! After training 3-4 times a week, it changed me completely. I could rep 10 push-ups like it was nothing. I was glad to be a part of the PSTS family as it gave me knowledge on and off the field. It taught me to show good sportsmanship, it gave me a great work ethic which I can now take anywhere in life, and it also gave me the learning experience of knowing how to work out properly. I loved every bit of it and will miss it.” – Patrick H. – High School Football

“PowerStrength has prepared me for the next level more than the previous 3 years of high school career combined.”

“Training at PowerStrength has prepared me for the next level more than the previous 3 years of my high school career combined. I started seeing results in the first couple of weeks and that gave me the motivation to keep getting stronger and faster every week, as well as always trying to set new personal goals for myself. PSTS also taught me other numerous exercises that work the same muscles but add in variety to the program so you won’t get bored. Since working out at PowerStrength I have experienced the gains that you can have when you train with someone that knows what they are talking about.” – Rob H. – High School Football


“I would only recommend it to athletes who are hungry to improve”

“I trained at PSTS 3 days per week for a year. I love the support and environment at PSTS. Everyone has the same general goals- getting bigger, faster and stronger. PSTS has serious loads of intensity. I loved learning to get bigger and stronger the right way. The coaches push you while being very knowledgeable of your limits. PSTS has totally changed the way I train, I never wanted to put the work in before, now I do. PSTS has taught me that complacency kills. Only determined athletes train here- I would only recommend it to athletes who are hungry to improve.”

– Billy P. – High School