Random Things I Learned- Part 2

Post by Mark Ehnis Part 2 11. Love it or prepare for unhappiness. No, this does not mean that if you love what you do you will automatically be successful and happy. There is a ton of work involved for that to become true. What this means is that, in my own case, if I didn’t […]

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Random Things I Learned- Part 1

Post By Mark Ehnis Below, is part 1 of a random list of things I learned this past summer as a new, young business owner. Some are brand new concepts that I learned, while some are things I was familiar with, but were brought to the forefront of my attention as the summer wore on. […]

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Nutrition Quiz…not as complicated as you think

Below is an old article from EliteFTS by Jim Wendler. Wendler is known for keeping training and nutrition simple- while others try to complicate it. I read anything I can find written by Jim Wendler and attempt to apply it to my training and training of others. I’ve only heard him speak at a seminar once but […]

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