PSTS Disciple, Willekes, Wins Burlsworth Trophy

Last week long-time PowerStrength Disciple, Kenny Willekes (MSU, NorthPointe), won the Burlsworth Trophy awarded to the nation’s best player who started their career as a walk-on.

This award exemplifies humble beginnings and the complacency kills mindset – and we’re very proud to have a front-row seat to Kenny’s journey!

As you know, it’s not an easy road for walk-ons. But that’s why we enjoy being part of making their dreams a possibility.

Walk-on’s hold a special place in our hearts at PSTS. Maybe it’s the blue-collar work ethic, the attitude of constant improvement, or everyone making one another better – we just know that if the mind is right, the body will follow (with smart coaching).

Kenny represents all the other walk-on’s in the country, but also the ones we’ve had under our roof at some point – many of whom trained alongside Kenny. Check out the list below.

Also, a great article was written about Kenny Willekes growing up and what helped shape him to what he is today. You can read it HERE (sign-up for the free trial). We included the PSTS parts below…
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