Stronger. Faster. More Confident Athletes.

Our Personal Training Memberships Emphasize:

  • Full Body Strength and Power
  • Enhancing Speed, Agility, Quickness, and Endurance
  • Safe, Effective Exercises and Workouts
  • Expert Coaching and Proper Technique Instruction
  • Optimal Nutrition and Eating Habits for Athletes
  • Reducing the Chance of Injury
  • Reinforcing Successful Habits, a Positive Attitude, and a Strong Work Ethic

*All sports and Ability Levels

Here is How the Program Works

The PowerStrength Difference

Here at PowerStrength, what we do is about much more than just getting athletes bigger, faster and stronger. What we really focus on is improving their self-confidence & self-esteem.

Our PowerStrength Pyramid Principles are about empowering athletes to reach their full potential not only in sports, but also in life as a sense of self-confidence, commitment and dedication are instilled throughout their time with us.

We have been fortunate to work with thousands of high school athletes over the years. Some want to earn more playing time, while others want to earn All-State. Some want to lose body-fat and build muscle, and others want to work towards a college scholarship. No matter the goal, we aren’t guessing with this. Our proven system creates results to make better athletes. However, this goes far beyond “lifting weights” and the foundation is rooted in our Pyramid Principles.

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Principle 1: Growth Mindset and ‘Complacency Kills’ Mindset

We teach our athletes that no matter your ability level, there is always room to improve. We don’t blame others or the circumstance. One of the biggest lessons we teach is that you’re 100% responsible for your own success in life. And this starts with taking ownership over your personal development not only in sports, but also in the classroom and everyday life. We focus on what we can control with the understanding that we can always get better. And when you begin to have some success it’s vital to guard against complacency.

Principle 2: Integrity and Influence

We want to develop leaders in our program. We are able to reinforce leadership qualities such as integrity and the ability to positively influence during every session. Doing the right thing, accepting responsibility for your actions and effort, and being a good teammate are valuable character traits that are coached daily at PowerStrength.

Principle 3: Consistent, Work Ethic

Consistency beats intensity. Those athletes who dedicate themselves to a training program and stick to it will be better off down the road than those who can only commit to a short period of time. There are no quick fixes. This is the approach we take to healthy eating habits and skill practice as well. Through consistent effort, a blue-collar work ethic is formed and we teach that this work ethic must be carried over outside of the gym to family, school, and sports.

Principle 4: The Family

This value means a couple things. We teach that coming to PowerStrength is a privilege. It takes a village to raise strong young people – parents, coaches, and teachers all play a role in your child’s development. We work together as a team to build confident, respectful athletes. They also get to learn from coaches and older athletes who have “been there and done that.” We have had over 350 athletes go on to play in college and earn scholarships. These types of role models are invaluable. All this combined creates our PowerStrength Family.

Principle 5: Be A Pro

This value teaches our athletes how to handle the details of being a successful athlete and person. Pro’s exhibit respect, while holding themselves and others accountable. We reinforce the value of sportsmanship and respecting their teachers, coaches, parents, peers, teammates & family members is essential. We lead by showing others the respect that they deserve, even if they have wronged us. Pro’s plan ahead, are punctual, and don’t procrastinate when it comes to preparation. The details matter to pro’s, and they are open to coaching and instruction.

Principle 6: Train Smart and Eat For Success

We provide a proven path for smart, safe, training programs. Following proper progressions ensures healthy, effective results. We don’t throw athletes into workouts they aren’t prepared for. We also provide nutrition guidelines that help reinforce healthy eating habits. But let’s not forget – training smart also encompasses FUN! One of our main goals as coaches is to show athletes that working out is fun! If you’re not enjoying the process of training with us, then you are not in the right place. We believe you should enjoy every minute of your PowerStrength experience because not only will it help you achieve your goals, but it will also set the foundation of good habits for the rest of your life. It won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it!

What Others Are Saying About PowerStrength

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Who is this program for?”

A: This program is specifically designed for high school male and female athletes who want to be faster, stronger, more confident – and who are ready to consistently dedicate themselves to improving.  Our main goal of this program is to take athletes to the next level. That could be helping an athlete who wants to earn more playing time, to helping a high school athlete who has the goal of playing in college, and earn a scholarship. Whatever the goal of the athlete, we can guide them to achieve it.

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Q: “What if my child has never worked out before?”

A: Don’t worry! Regardless if they are new to training or have done other programs in the past, we will give them exactly what they need at a safe pace they can handle. We train all our athletes in a small, private environment which allows each athlete to work directly with their personal coach. Our coaches specifically design training protocols to match their sport, current level of fitness, and performance goals.


Q: “When do sessions start?”

A: Sessions are ongoing and you can start at any time. All you need to do is set up your Free Assessment and Parent Consultation to get started! 


Q: “What times do the workouts take place?”

A: The high school training sessions take place Monday through Saturday. During the school year groups train after the school day and the schedule is expanded during the summer months. All sessions are private and scheduled, they have a set start and end time, and are 100% coached by certified trainers.


Q: “How long are the workouts?”

A: Each training session is between 50-55 minutes depending on the ability level and type of program. Each session includes: a dynamic warm-up, speed & agility training, power development, strength training & conditioning. We never waste time, we don’t stand around, and we are maximizing every minute during the session.


Q: “Where is the facility located?”

A: We have 3 conveniently located facilities in West Michigan  – Grand Rapids, Kenwood, and Jension. 

Our Grand Rapids facility is on 4 Mile road just west of Alpine Ave in NW Grand Rapids.

Our Kentwood facility is located on East Paris Ave, near the corner of 52nd Street 

Our Jenison facility is located off of Rosewood street near the 12th Ave/Chicago Dr. intersection


Grand Rapids – 919 Alpine Commerce Park NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544

Kentwood – 5131 East Paris Ave SE, Kentwood, MI 49512

Jenison – 1308 Rosewood, Jenison, MI 49428


Q: “Does your program also include nutrition coaching?”

A: Yes! We will provide you with nutrition guidelines that will help instill good nutrition habits for your son or daughter. These were designed by our certified nutrition coach and are included in our high school memberships. Additional resources are also available.


Q: “How many sessions per week should I come to?”

A: Athletes should train at least 2 sessions per week at PSTS. Athletes who are not in a sports season should aim for 2-4 sessions per week depending on their goals and personal commitment level. This consistency allows for the best results in the shortest amount of time. We make it easy for athletes who enter a sports season to adjust their membership as needed.


Q: “How many other athletes are there in each session?”

A: During our personal training sessions, your athlete will be with 1-5 other athletes per trainer. This ensures the level of detail and focused coaching each athlete needs. Private 1-on-1 sessions are also offered for specific goals, needs, or athletes returning to play after an injury. 


Q: “If I’m training with my team at school can I still train at PSTS?”

A: Absolutely! Training at your school is great, and about 90% of the athletes who train with us also train at their schools. PSTS complements the training programs that athletes do at their schools and provide additional training that is best done in a focused, professional setting. Since the majority of athletes workout at school, receiving additional training from experts is a great strategy to truly gain an edge and get ahead of the competition – which is exactly what our athletes and PowerStrength do!


Q: “What are the memberships and what is the cost?”

A: Memberships range from $179 and up depending on the chosen option. 1-on-1 personal training is also an option for specific cases. Our membership options have convenient cancellation policies if needed so no training is lost.

*Specific program prescription is walked through with a parent during the consultation after the athlete assessment to find the best option for the athlete. 


Q: Is PowerStrength a Franchise?

A: No. PowerStrength is not a franchise and it is 100% locally owned and operated. Founder and Owner, Mark Ehnis, started PowerStrength in 2011 right here in West Michigan and it has grown into what you see today. Being family owned allows the PowerStrength Team unlimited freedom to keep the needs and well-being of the clients at the center of our focus. Everything is based around quality service to our local communities. We are proud to have grown into an industry leader through hard work, integrity, and serving the West Michigan community in a first-class manner.