PSTS Takes to the Courts! Common Basketball Training Myths

“Basketball players are lazy- they don’t want to work hard.”   “Lifting weights will ruin my shot.”   “I just stick with high reps with lower weights- I just want to get cut.”   “I eat everything and I can’t gain weight!”   “I want to increase my vertical so I just do a plyometric […]

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19 Ways to Know if You’re Doing Enough

With the college semester coming to a close and high school winter break around the corner many young people are discovering what happens when procrastination meets deadlines. We’ve all done it. And we all know the terrible feeling. Wishing you had more time is all you ask for. [youtube][/youtube]  

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Blue Collar Training Group- Join Now!

Ahh the glory days. Sold-out games. Scoring the winning touchdown. The buzzer-beaters. All the grueling practices. Lifting endless amounts of weight. Exhausting conditioning sessions. Hanging out with the guys… If your playing days are over you know what I’m talking about. Maybe you’re at the point where nobody will listen to your awesome ‘back-in-the-day stories’…I […]

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