Top 5 Keys for Training During the Football Season

As many of our football athletes are about to begin post-season play, we are reminded of the importance of In-Season training. It has been a common topic of conversation and one I wanted to dive into further. Many of the principles translate to other sports as well. Training properly throughout the football season will keep […]

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New ‘PowerPLAY’ Kids Program

We’ve been asked about development for younger kids numerous times – we typically start them in the gym around 5th grade. ‘PowerPLAY’ is our answer to the questions… for now! Kids need to move, play, and have fun doing it. In the screen-driven, fast-paced childhood our kids are (unfortunately) exposed to – movement and fun […]

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Member Spotlight: Carly Going Strong and Burning Fat

The Women’s Transformation Challenge is at the halfway mark, and we are already seeing incredible successes and results in our participants. Women joined the challenge for differing reasons. Many wanted to find the motivation to work out regularly, some wanted the accountability, and others needed to focus on their nutritional habits. It was the nutrition […]

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