Football Headlines, Highlights, and How to Start Your Off-Season

The football off-season is starting, while others are in the middle of a playoff push. We have had football athletes flooding back to the gym to begin their off-season programs.

We wanted to re-cap and highlight a few headlines from some of our most dedicated football athletes this past season. The links to the articles are below.

There are many more who didn’t have a published article about them, but we know their stories, their character, and their successes. We know the work that went in behind the scenes.


*Fun fact – all of the young men listed we’re training 3+ times per week with us throughout the winter, on top of their team workouts.

Nolan Fugate of Catholic Central Sets HS Rushing Record! Nolan has been a PSTS Disciple since 8th grade and is putting up a HUGE senior year! He is the all-time leading rusher in Catholic Central history. Read More

Matt Bilski is a Throwback– Matt is another athlete we’ve worked with since 8th grade. His improvement is a direct result of his work ethic! Read More

Rockford RB Maliq Thompson Earns High Praise– Maliq started with us as a sophomore and earned the starting job at Rockford, he’s making the most of it! Read More

Domenic Stornant Does It All– Dom is a coach’s dream. He developed himself into a strong leader and always comes to work. Read More

Zaavon Scott – Zaavon has developed an incredible work ethic and it’s showing up on both sides of the ball! Read More

Hulst Brothers – These brothers all started on the same defense and will look to continue their improvement together in training! Read More

Alex Anthony has built himself into a rough and reliable lineman! What Alex has accomplished over the last 3-years of developing himself as a football player is paying off during his senior year. Unbelievable work ethic, transformation, and is an incredible young man. Read More 


*Long-time PSTS Disciple, Dan VanOpstall, was offered a preferred walk-on spot at at his dream D1 school. He also received scholarship offers from Brown University, Army, 2 other D1 schools, and many D2 schools. Dan has been with us since 7th grade. He faced much adversity this past year heading into his senior year. Dan tore his ACL while wrestling last December. He worked diligently to recover from surgery and ensure he didn’t miss any of his senior season. Keep an eye out for a full story on Dan in the future!

We also love getting  messages like these from athletes…

“Hey Mark, tough playoff loss tonight. I want to thank you and the PSTS Team for helping me build myself into a better athlete physically and mentally going into this season. I often remember those Monday night sessions and what we talked about, doing what matters, complacency kills, etc. Remembering these pushed me to be at my best every day. I’ll be back in as soon as possible to pick up where I left off.”

*Sent 90-minutes after season-ending loss


“I also want to thank you for everything so far, I without a doubt have improved as an athlete and as a person. Without you guys who knows if I would even have a chance at visiting these colleges. I can’t wait to get back to PS this winter.”


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 Premier Advanced Performance – Advanced program for the serious football player. Mainly upperclassmen but open to a limited number of sophomores. Athletes must pre-qualify for this program and commit to a minimum of 3 sessions per week. Designed for athletes who want to maximize their varsity career or with dreams of playing in college. Speed, change of direction, explosive power, and advanced nutrition are all accounted for in this in-depth program. Combine preparation, recruiting, leadership, and mentorship are also included in this comprehensive program.  Officially starts in December. Enroll now to reserve your spot. *All athletes listed above were Premier athletes last off-season.


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