Sabercats softball train for speed!

The Michigan Sabercats invited Coach Cam to one of their practices this weekend. Cam put the ladies through a truly full and dynamic warmup. One of their players had participated in the Beast Program prior to the practice, so it was great having familiar faces in the group! Doing that warmup will get them primed […]

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Middle school athlete gains 10 pounds, increases strength!

Bryce DeBruyne (W.Catholic) earned Athlete of the Month for July! Bryce has been consistently training 2 sessions per week for over 1 year now. In that time he’s taken ownership of the chin-up record in the gym. In that time, Bryce has dropped over a tenth off of his 10yd sprint, added 20 inches to […]

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New ‘PowerPLAY’ Kids Program

We’ve been asked about development for younger kids numerous times – we typically start them in the gym around 5th grade. ‘PowerPLAY’ is our answer to the questions… for now! Kids need to move, play, and have fun doing it. In the screen-driven, fast-paced childhood our kids are (unfortunately) exposed to – movement and fun […]

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