Middle school athlete gains 10 pounds, increases strength!

Bryce DeBruyne (W.Catholic) earned Athlete of the Month for July! Bryce has been consistently training 2 sessions per week for over 1 year now. In that time he’s taken ownership of the chin-up record in the gym.

In that time, Bryce has dropped over a tenth off of his 10yd sprint, added 20 inches to his broad jump, as well as 3.5 inches to his vertical jump! Bryce has also managed to add 17 chin-ups to his chin-up total (holding our middle school record) and has also added 20 pushups to his pushup total. He did all this while gaining over 10lbs of bodyweight!

This doesn’t come as a surprise to any of us as Bryce is a focused and dedicated athlete. Bryce is setting himself up for success in the present and future!

Keep up the great work Bryce. Your #PSTSFam is looking forward to watching you dominate on the football field this fall!