“I Knew They Cared About My Goals And What I Wanted To Achieve”

Throughout high school and even into college, I thought I was working hard in the gym. Yes, I would always try my best and push myself, but nothing compares to the meaning of hard work that lingers at PowerStrength. PowerStrength holds a whole new idea of what it means to work hard, not only physically but also in terms of what you eat pre and post workout. That was a big change for me because many places only consider the physical aspect and often leave the nutritional side up for you to figure out. The coaches here push you each day to do your best and don’t allow you to do otherwise. They create an atmosphere where you’re always engaged by constantly giving you feedback on your technique. They also get to know you on a personal level. This gave me more confidence because I knew they cared about my goals and what I wanted to achieve. Overall, I have already seen the benefits of training at PowerStrength. This has been hands down been the best decision I’ve made.

Hope L. (PSTS Athlete – NAIA Volleyball)