Physical Therapist says, “…truly teaches the principles of training….truly believe these athletes have lowered their chances of injury…”

“My name is Luke Lettinga and I have been training periodically at PSTS on and off through my graduate school program. Now that I have finished my schooling, I felt compelled to write this little note for Mark, the PSTS team, and anyone interested in their program because of all the things I have seen and have experienced that have had a positive impact on me.

This is not a sales pitch for their gym. I do not work for them, and will receive no compensation or gain by writing this. I am just happy to commend this team for creating a program that is up to date on training techniques, safe, preventative, and guarantees to make any athlete, as Mark would say, “Beasts.”

This is the only place, which I have seen, in West Michigan that truly teaches athletes the principles of training. They teach from the ground up. Training starts with form and technique until these are mastered. They take all the necessary steps in order for their athletes to progress from simple exercises and tasks to more advanced. This makes injuries almost non-existent at this place, even when some of the advanced kids begin to throw around some serious weight.

They also incorporate great mobility training in order for these athletes to minimize injury. I am always impressed with the amount of mobility and tissue work done by these young athletes. The skills and techniques these athletes are using day in and day out are truly advanced skills to improve tissue consistency and joint range of motion that even most of my graduating classmates are unaware of and unable to teach. On several occasions Mark has taught me new exercises and techniques that I have incorporated into treatment with my patients. With increased mobility and strong muscular control of their increased range of motion, I truly believe these athletes have lowered their chances of musculoskeletal injuries in practice and on the field. I am extremely impressed by EVERY athlete at EVERY level completing a great warm-up, including proper and advanced tissue and mobility exercises. These guys are ahead of the game.

The environment created in this place is also fantastic. It’s a great combination of athletic improvement and locker room friendship. It’s a place where I see young athletes excited to train and excited to keep coming back. 

I am also impressed with Mark and the PSTS coaches on their knowledge of training and nutrition overall. I know they have spent countless hours researching and sifting through all the garbage out there in the fitness world to give good advice to anyone who needs some guidance. They’re professionals for a reason. 

In a time where “Fad” workouts and trademarked training styles are taking over the fitness world, these guys have found the best way to get results with athletes and adults of any level. Just take a look at the achievements of the large numbers of athletes and clients coming out of this gym, and it should be convincing enough. I will continue to recommend and train at PSTS for all these reasons.” – Luke Lettinga CSCS, DPT (CSCS-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, DPT- Doctorate of Physical Therapy)