“He was not only pushed very hard, but taught how to truly train the right way and his numbers erupted instantly.”

“Thank you so much to the staff at PowerStrength. Your investment in kids in West Michigan goes far beyond a typical gym. There’s a reason people will travel up to an hour+ away to train with you. The leadership, character development and genuine care for each person that walks through the door is unparalleled. To our family personally, it was a sanctuary for our son.

When Kade’s Dad got really sick (during Covid), Brian and the coaches personally called to offer his support. They continued to follow up numerous times over the subsequent months to ensure Kade was okay. They knew Kade needed to be in the gym. While Kade was going through the recruiting process, his Dad was on life support and I trusted the conversations Brian and the staff at PSTS were having with Kade – and how those conversations would help shape the major decisions he would have to make.

It was such a trying time and yet I knew PowerStrength would provide both high pressure to excel and high support to make it happen. I trusted the mentorship that surrounded Kade each day.

Emotional support aside, the physical growth that Kade made in his months training at PowerStrength was unreal. He was not only pushed very hard, but taught how to truly train the right way. Early in his training he was taught strategic ways to handle drills, lifting, etc. and his numbers erupted instantly. It only got better from there.

Now that we have moved Kade into CMU, it is great to get calls home and the appreciation he is feeling having trained at PowerStrength. Kade honestly can’t believe he is 17-years old in a Division 1 football program. While of course this is a whole new level and Kade has a ton to learn from the veterans and coaching staff, we feel confident he went into that situation the very best prepared that he possibly could have due to the training and guidance he received at PowerStrength.”

-Mother Of PSTS Athlete