“Helped keep my shoulders’ pain free after surgeries!”

IMG_6924“Before PSTS I spent my summers following my school’s strength program to prepare for my upcoming college football season. After my experience at PSTS I know I will be back whenever I return home. Some of the biggest things I have learned are proper squatting technique and new ways to strengthen my shoulders while keeping them pain free after multiple surgeries.  However, what I like most about training at PSTS is working out with other like-minded athletes. Training with athletes that compete at higher levels than myself has improved both my physical and mental toughness because I now know what it takes to workout with better athletes. As a result, I feel more prepared this year for football heading into two-a-days than I had during my previous college seasons. Unlike other high school and college strength programs, PSTS uses unique exercises that keep athletes excited to workout while valuing a health-conscious approach to every lift.” – Matt V. – College Football