“My only regret about PSTS is not starting the program sooner.”

“I was very excited to get started at PowerStrength because I saw how quickly my teammates who attended PSTS became dominating factors on the field.  I began the intense training 3 times a week and followed the nutrition plan. Within a few short weeks I saw definitive results.  I felt more powerful than ever and I frequently noticed the increase in my strength.  My 40 yard dash time has been shaved by almost 5 tenths of a second. I went from running a 5.2 to a 4.7 in almost no time.  I am now a factor to be acknowledged on the field.  “PowerStrength has taught me that there’s always a method to the madness within the program. On a personal note- it has changed my life as I have learned important qualities that helped me grow as a man.” My only regret about PowerStrength Training Systems is not starting the program sooner.” – Bennett D. – D1 College Lacrosse