“I’ll continue to use what I learned for the rest of my life.”

“Dear Mark, I would like to thank you so much for the time spent at the PSTS this winter. It is truly a one of a kind place to train for Grand Rapids area athletes. In a span of two short months my lifting stats went through the roof. I put on 10lbs of body weight while improving my vertical jump. I also gained over 100lbs on my box squat and almost 40lbs on my bench- allowing me to hit my long-time goal of 300lbs, which used to be merely a dream. The lifting techniques and nutrition tips are things I will have for the rest of my life and will use to continue building my body to be the best athlete I can be. Heading into spring practice this season I can already tell that your training has made me a much better athlete. Whenever I’m back home, I’ll be training with you.” – Gus P. – D1 College Football