“Those Who Saw Him Before The Summer And Then When He Returned In The Fall, Witnessed How His Body And Attitude Transformed.”

I wanted to send a hugely heartfelt thank you for all your team did for Jake this past summer and into his school year.

As you know, his wonderfully generous and knowledgeable uncle, Dean Rosendall, wanted him to learn how to lift and develop as an athlete in an environment that would guide him and teach him the correct techniques. It would be challenging but the support and expertise would be in place.  The mindset your facility provides is amazing.  Your staff is exceptional. Always helpful, always knowledgeable, always approachable.

I cannot say enough but it is obvious by all who know Jake.  Those who saw him before the summer and then when he returned in the fall, witnessed how his body and attitude transformed. He grew both physically and as an athlete. In fact, he was one of the slower finishers during conditioning drills last year and literally finished first this fall in a running exercise. By several feet, I was told.

Brian and Jackie N. (Parents of PSTS Athlete)