Earning the College Football Dream

The Beginning In the summer of 2013 we would make weekly trips to the local field with our college and high school athletes for our speed sessions. 25 athletes would be stretched across the entire field as they drilled technique and sprinted fast. The turf was hot, and the sun would slowly creep back behind […]

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Football Headlines, Highlights, and How to Start Your Off-Season

The football off-season is starting, while others are in the middle of a playoff push. We have had football athletes flooding back to the gym to begin their off-season programs. We wanted to re-cap and highlight a few headlines from some of our most dedicated football athletes this past season. The links to the articles […]

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An Unlikely Route for a PSTS Disciple to Division 1 Football – Gus Penning

Gus came to us years ago and wanted it all – gain muscle, get faster, jump higher, and prepare for the highest level that he could attain. He took an uncommon route which created an awesome story along the way. Gus had one of the best transformations in PSTS history and while his time home […]

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