How Do You Accurately Measure Progress? Here is One Way We Do…

*Each PowerStrength Location has an InBody (InBody570) on-site to help ensure accurate tracking of progress and results! Included in Adult Fitness, High School, and College memberships! Learn more about the InBody below!


Knowing your body composition, as opposed to simply monitoring weight, provides feedback on fat mass vs. lean mass – this knowledge allows us to tailor fitness and lifestyle programs to fit our clients individualized needs and goals.
When we use a scale as our primary tool to measure progress, we do not know if weight gain or weight loss is due to changes in muscle mass or fat mass. This is very important information to know.

Jane is trying to lose 10 pounds of fat, and we are using only a scale to measure progress.

After 8 weeks of dedication to a fitness and nutrition program, Jane’s clothes are fitting better and she is feeling more toned. She feels awesome – so she decides to get on the scale to see if she has hit her goal weight.

To her surprise, Jane has actually gained a pound!

Everything Jane was feeling prior to getting on the scale is thrown away in her mind…the scale just told her that she has moved further from her goal – not towards it.

This information Jane was provided could be demotivating and upsetting…after all, she has put a lot of time and effort into seeing progress.
Was she just imagining that her clothes were fitting better? Was she not looking more toned?

Was Jane’s 1 pound gain due to an increase in fat mass or lean mass? We will never know by using only a scale.
It may be that Jane lost 4 pounds of fat mass, and gained 5 pounds of muscle…THIS WOULD BE A HUGE SUCCESS! AND this is why measuring body composition is SO IMPORTANT!

Based on knowing body composition information, we would either continue with the same program, or make adjustments to ensure we are losing fat mass, while maintaining or gaining lean mass.

The InBody is used to accurately measure body composition. Unlike other bioelectrical impendence analysis (BIA) tools, the Inbody analyzes segments of the body because different body parts have different levels of impendence. This new technology is much more accurate than other BIA tools, such as a hand-held device.

All new PowerStrength members receive a FREE Inbody scan – this helps us set goals, and develop a roapmap to meet your goals. We then use the InBody to measure progress monthly, bi-monthly – or whenever the client and coach decide is the best timeline.

The PowerStrength team wants to ensure that we provide the best service to our clients; we know that having the Inbody machine is an important element to our client’s success, and we want you to take advantage of it!

The InBody570 available at both our EAST and NORTH locations. *The 570 model is a cut above the rest and does everything we want it to do.

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