2016 National Signing Day – Strong Showing by PSTS Athletes

2016 marks the 5th year we have taken part in the National Signing Day Event hosted by ESPN 96.1FM at Celebration Cinema. This is a unique event to West Michigan and demonstrates the support and acknowledgement within the high school football community. Athletes, parents, coaches, and community sponsors all gather to send another class of student-athletes off to college. A huge shoutout goes to the event organizers- Bret Bakita of PrepsMI.com, ESPN 96.1fFM, and the local media that provides one-of-a-kind coverage of our local West Michigan sports!

We at PSTS have tremendous pride in West Michigan and want our athletes to succeed as much as possible. Whether it’s through preparation in the weight room, the class room, or socially – we take on the responsibility of passing down advice from those who have “been there and done that.” With the 100+ of college athletes we’ve worked with over the past few years, we’ve picked up a couple things to help guide them along their way. This year each athlete received a copy of this 20-page manual as they walked off the stage…



There currently are 11 PSTS athletes who will make the transition from high school to college football next year. Many of these athletes have spent years training at PSTS and their hard work paid off on signing day. They have set excellent examples to younger PSTS athletes who want to pursue their dream of college ball.


signing day1

A few PSTS athletes with PSTS Coaches


PSTS Owner Mark Ehnis with PSTS Disciple Carl Myers. Carl enters his third year of training at PSTS.



PSTS Owner Mark Ehnis with PSTS Disciple Evan Macauley. Evan has been training at PSTS since 8th grade.



PSTS Owner Mark Ehnis with Teddy Russo. Teddy trained at PSTS since he was a freshman




1. Carl Myers – West Catholic – Michigan (Football and Track)

2. Evan Macauley – FHN – GVSU

3. Nate Jones – Muskegon CC – Hillsdale

4. Nolan Meekhof – Grandville – Davenport

5. Teddy Russo – GRCC – GVSU

6. Mitchell Davis – Lowell – Hillsdale

7. Ian Woodruff – FHN – Boudine

8. Spencer Peterson –Northpointe – Wheaton (Football and Basketball)

9. Jackson Ammon – Rockford – Undecided

10. Jake Martin – FHN – Undecided

11. Peter Fisk – FHN – Michigan State *Class of 2015


Now the real work begins.


Complacency Kills.


If you are interested in getting involved in the same type of program that these athletes went through then click the link below to provide more information.