Char Willekes, walking-on at MSU with his brother!

Athlete of the Month was earned by Char Willekes! Char trained with us back in the day and he returned 8-months ago on a focused mission. His mission was to walk on at MSU, with his brother Kenny. We made him really EARN it and he answered the call. Since then he’s been training 4-5x […]

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Football Athlete gains 20 pounds and gets faster!

Athlete of the Month was earned by Alex Karas of Rockford! Alex trained 3x/week this winter in our Premier group and his results have been outstanding. He gained nearly 20 pounds while becoming faster, stronger, and a more durable athlete! He added 30 push-ups to his PR, gained 4 chin-ups, and added 4” to his broad […]

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A Mother Who Leads By Example – Success Story In Her Words

Below you’ll hear an awesome story from one of our moms, Beth, about her time at PSTS. Her oldest son is a PSTS veteran so she has been around the family for years. Beth has seen all phases of our business – adult men’s (her husband has trained with us), youth, and high school. She and her […]

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