Long-time PowerStrength athletes continue to improve

PSTS East college football and lacrosse athletes all hit bench personal records this morning! Very impressive as these guys have trained at PSTS for years and are still improving! It is a testament to their consistency, competitiveness, and lifestyle. Summer progress testing continues to impress. We’ll miss having these guys around the gym when they […]

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Football Athlete gains 20 pounds and gets faster!

Athlete of the Month was earned by Alex Karas of Rockford! Alex trained 3x/week this winter in our Premier group and his results have been outstanding. He gained nearly 20 pounds while becoming faster, stronger, and a more durable athlete! He added 30 push-ups to his PR, gained 4 chin-ups, and added 4” to his broad […]

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PSTS Athlete Bronson Hill Signs Contract with Cincinnati Bengals

Like many undrafted rookie free agents, it has been a long road for Grand Rapids native Bronson Hill (GR Catholic Central, Eastern Michigan). Many people don’t understand the tough route that undrafted NFL players take in order to achieve their dream. We’ve witnessed it firsthand with our history of PSTS athletes taking unconventional routes to […]

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