Detox Your Mindset

As we begin the 2nd week of the 30-Day Women’s Transformation Challenge, we have noticed something great starting to take place.

Our participating women are already making progress with their workouts; they are eating balanced meals throughout the day and food journaling regularly; they are setting and achieving daily and weekly small behavioral goals, and they are committed to making their health and fitness a priority.

We are quite proud of their early successes!

Prior to beginning our challenge, we met 1-on-1 with each of our participants to talk about goals, expectations, and setting up a roadmap to success. Throughout the challenge, we are continuing to meet 1-on-1 weekly to talk about progress, mini-goals, successes, struggles, etc.

With this accountability, we have started to notice that the interactions with the participants are changing.  A mindset shift is taking place – and we couldn’t be more excited to see this ultimate transformation!

You see, many of us, men and women, SABATOGE ourselves when it comes to fat-loss and living healthy lifestyles. We are our own limiting factor, and we are often our own biggest obstacle to overcome.

What comes to mind when you think of making a transformation?

That we have to…

Restrict calories drastically?

Suffer through workouts to see progress?

Miss social events in fear of making bad nutrition choices?

Obsess over the number on the scale?

Feel low on energy?

Lose enjoyment for life?

Punish ourselves for bad nutrition choices?

If so, you are not alone.

Our past experiences have crafted these negative beliefs, and the truth is, these thoughts about what the process of transforming is supposed to look like is stalling your progress, and the healthy life you are meant to live.

Our 30-Day Women’s Transformation Challenge participants are flipping the switch on these limiting beliefs, and it is showing in their actions, words, and progress toward their goals.

“I am going to focus on getting stronger, instead of the number on the scale.”

“I want to make small sustainable changes that can become habits – this is a lifestyle change for me.”

“I have much better workouts, when I am eating balanced meals, versus when I am restricting calories.”

“I no longer am focusing on restricting myself. Instead, I am focusing on fueling myself properly.”

“I now realize exercise is not punishment.”

“I exercise because I love my body, not because I hate it.”

This positive mindset toward progress (NOT PERFECTION) is setting them up for success! We can’t wait to see how these women change for the next three weeks.

Start taking ownership over your attitude. You are your own limiting factor!

P.S.- Missed the challenge? Be on the lookout for another awesome program that we will be rolling out next month to introduce you to our PSTS gym family!