Detox Your Mindset

As we begin the 2nd week of the 30-Day Women’s Transformation Challenge, we have noticed something great starting to take place. Our participating women are already making progress with their workouts; they are eating balanced meals throughout the day and food journaling regularly; they are setting and achieving daily and weekly small behavioral goals, and […]

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The PSTS Adult Training Program

After 5-years we are fairly well-know for our work with various athletes of all ages. However, not many people know about our successful Adult Training Programs here at PSTS. There’s no better way to find out than to hear from some of our loyal members. Our Adult programs are made up of non-athletes, parents, ex-athletes, […]

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A Mother Who Leads By Example – Success Story In Her Words

Below you’ll hear an awesome story from one of our moms, Beth, about her time at PSTS. Her oldest son is a PSTS veteran so she has been around the family for years. Beth has seen all phases of our business – adult men’s (her husband has trained with us), youth, and high school. She and her […]

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