Self-Proclaimed Desk Jockey Reclaims Control, Sheds 30 pounds

For years, Jason Perales endured a relentless cycle of trial and error with various exercise regimens in an effort to lose weight.

Despite his determination – success seemed elusive.

“A lot of different beach body programs,” Jason said when asked how he attempted to lose weight in the past, “I think I’d been doing them for about 2 years straight, and really had plateaued for a year, year and a half, nothing really was changing.”

“It felt like I was spinning my wheels a lot. I did a lot of working out outside of here, mostly at home, sometimes at the gym, it felt like I wasn’t making much progress.”

Jason’s weight struggles trace back to a significant career shift from the physically demanding role of moving furniture to a desk job as Regional Operations Director at a moving company. In his early years, the constant activity kept his weight in check effortlessly. However, the transition to the desk-bound role brought unforeseen challenges, leading to gradual weight gain that has proven stubborn to shed. 

“I started moving boxes there and now I sit behind a desk all day,” he said. “It was really easy to lose weight back 15 years ago when I was moving furniture, then when you stop doing that, you sit down at a desk for 15 years and it gets a lot harder to lose weight.”

At the encouragement of one of his neighbors, Jason tried PowerStrength. 

“I have 2 neighbors that come here,” Jason said. “1 of them kept constantly talking to me about how great it was and finally a couple years ago he gave me a free 30-day membership, so I finally decided to give it a shot.”

Jason found the missing piece of his weight loss puzzle. He finally shed the pounds he had been grappling with for so long.

“It is probably about 30 pounds total from my high point to where I’m at now,” Jason said about how much weight he has lost at PowerStrength.


Yet, perhaps even more significantly than losing weight, Jason overcame a major obstacle by learning to eat right – a challenge that had previously thwarted his efforts. In the supportive environment of PowerStrength, Jason not only transformed his body but also his lifestyle, emerging victorious in his long struggle with weight loss.

“I was missing out on nutrition for sure,” he said. “I probably had a little bit too much alcohol in my life before I started coming here as well – and I was also missing out on setting goals for myself. Once I started setting some goals that definitely helped.”


Jason is part of the 40-and-over fitness group at PowerStrength which establishes a friendly environment for all fitness and ability levels. Each adult gets one-on-one attention from expert coaches with exercises catered to their unique needs and specific goals. 

PowerStrength offers an array of ‘challenges’ spread throughout the year, providing members unparalleled opportunities for growth and camaraderie. These challenges serve as powerful motivators, encouraging individuals to push their limits and strive for personal bests in a supportive group setting.

What sets these challenges apart is the shared experience they provide, allowing participants to connect with others who are facing similar obstacles. 

“I think the biggest difference was all the challenges that they do here,” Jason said. “It changes what you are working on from time-to-time so it doesn’t get so stagnant, and being here with a group of people, there is always somebody that is pushing just a little bit harder everyday which makes you push a little bit harder everyday. When you are doing it at home you grab the same weight you grabbed for the last 4 weeks and work out with it, and when you try that here you can’t do it because the guy next to you is going to grab a little bit bigger weight, or if nobody is, one of the coaches will come by and say ‘I know you can do more than that’ and you are going to put that weight down and grab a bigger weight.”

The challenges have had a lasting impact on Jason’s life, extending far beyond their completion. Through these experiences, he has not only achieved physical transformations but also found healthier habits that resonate in his everyday life. 

“I have a lot less stress, and sleep better,” Jason said. “A lot of that comes with the different challenges that come with the need to get 8 hours of sleep for the next 30 days, after you do that for one 30-day challenge you realize how much better you feel so you just kind of hold onto that as much as you can, same thing with the drinking. A couple of them (challenges) have allowed only 2 on the weekends, after 30 days of that you realize how much better you feel so you just kind of leave that out a little bit more than you normally would have.” 


The small group atmosphere creates an environment where individuals not only push each other towards their fitness goals but also forge lasting bonds. As they push through challenging training sessions and conquer personal milestones together, relationships naturally form, creating a support network that extends beyond the gym walls.

This sense of community not only boosts morale but also enhances motivation, as members feel genuinely invested in each other’s success.

At PowerStrength, it’s not just about losing weight, it’s about building connections and uplifting each other on the journey to a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

“The groups,” Jason said when asked what he likes about PowerStrength. “The people that are here with you. The coaches are great, but a lot of it is the other gym members. If you go to any regular gym you might know 1 or 2 people there, but here you get to know everybody because it’s a smaller group each time you come.”

Jason was initially skeptical about PowerStrength, he was only planning to use his free 30 days. However, what began as a quick visit to prove a point quickly transformed into a serious appreciation for PowerStrenghth’s offerings. Despite his initial reluctance, Jason has discovered a passion for fitness at PowerStrength, so much so that more than 2 years after his free 30 days, he still attends regularly.

“The neighbor that kept trying to get me to do it, I thought he was just always full of hype and blowing smoke and when I first came here I was just going to do the first 30 days and show him that it wasn’t all that great, but that was 2 years ago. Having the group atmosphere and everybody kind of pushing forward in the community definitely helps a lot,” he said.


Jason’s transformation is evident in his newfound vitality that he is experiencing daily. He didn’t just lose weight, Jason discovered remarkable improvement in his knees. Previously plagued by discomfort and strain, his knees now feel lighter and more agile alleviating the burdens that once hindered his mobility.

“My knees feel much better, that was always a struggle point for me,” Jason said. “Since I started coming here they feel better, I can tell that everything around that area has gotten a lot stronger, range of motion has gotten better doing a lot of the leg stuff which wasn’t something that I would have expected. Tuesday night’s I play basketball and it just hurts a lot less playing basketball now than it did before I started coming here. Getting up and down the court is easier, I can play a lot longer before I need a sub, that’s kind of nice.”


After experiencing remarkable results at PowerStrength, Jason remains determined to keep pushing himself forward. Fueled by his desire for continuous improvement, he approaches each session with intense commitment and determination, eager to build upon his achievements and transform himself.

“Since I started coming here, everyday is still hard, but the weights that are in your hand now that are hard are a lot bigger than the weights that were hard back when I first started.”

Jason embraces the challenge of pushing boundaries, knowing that each step forward brings him closer to his goals. Jason remains committed to his journey, determined to keep moving the chains and reach new heights.


Men and Women over 40 seeking a stronger, more energized lifestyle can join the personal training programs at PowerStrength at any time. No previous workout experience is required as each program is customized to the fitness and ability level of each individual.

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