Youth Athlete’s at PSTS Building New Standard

Instilling strength into the next generation of youth athletes is one of the best things we do. We’re not shy about this because the impact we have seen is too great to keep quiet. We hold our HS and college athletes responsible for this as well and they do a great job of providing positive examples!

We want leaders- not bully’s and goons! Wonder how many of these young guns will join the 175+ athletes someday on our wall of fame?

These young athletes have an awesome start on their journey as a number are continuing to train DURING their sports season. This work ethic and commitment to improvement is what will give them the advantag on and off the field.

It’s vital for youth athletes to participate in a number of sports, but with this packed schedule – when do they ever prioritize their training and actually work on the skills (exercises are skills!) that will make them a better, healthier athlete?

We have youth performance programs for athletes ages 10-14 of all types of sports. Our girls and boys are creating a new standard for youth athletes when it comes to preparing themselves!