Wrestlers Win State Titles

When members of the Grand Rapids Catholic Central wrestling team come knocking on your door, you answer.


This is what happened last summer when teammates Devin Schroder, Foster Karmon, and Kole Krauss joined the PowerStrength ranks. Already high quality wrestlers, they were looking to sharpen their edge and prepare their bodies to handle a long season. Wrestling is such a mental sport and being physically stronger and tougher than your opponent feeds the mental game as well.


They weren’t used to the training they were put through. It was new, difficult, and mentally challenging- but they never quit. We admire the guts and willpower wrestlers have and these three kept coming back for more. People in the gym started asking who these “tiny” (when they train alongside our advanced football players they appear small), tough athletes were. Their effort and discipline, inside the gym and on their own, paid off.

Devin Schroder won his third straight title. He understands that complacency kills and his work ethic proved that. Devin builds off his undefeated 2014 Flo National Championship.


Foster Karmon finished off an undefeated season this year to win his second straight title.


Kole Krauss was state runner-up after a close one and a great tournament run. Kole put in 6+ months of work training 3x/week and is tougher than nails. He is still hungrier than ever.

Kole Krauss training last summer using unconventional means to work towards his goal

Kole Krauss training last summer using unconventional means to work towards his goal




All three return next year. Their combined record was 112 wins and 5 losses on the season….




The video is an old one from exactly one year ago of Devin and Kole in the gym. They contain the humility to always improve while they strive to make themselves great.


True warriors on the mat and very fine young men. We are extremely proud of their hard work and can’t wait to get back to work.


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