2018 Women’s Transformation Challenge Grand Prize Winner!

Our 2018 30-Day Women’s Transformation Challenge Grand Prize Winner – Jess Hawley!

Jess, our most recent Member of the Month highlight, finished on top, but it was a close race! 

Jess dropped almost 4% of her Body Fat and over 6 pounds of pure fat! And as if that is not enough, Jess also gained muscle mass in the process! With all of this change, Jess has achieved, and exceeded, her 30-day goals. REMARKABLE RESULTS!

As a wife, mother of three and a nurse, Jess made a commitment to herself to attend at least 3 workouts per week with Coach Murphy and Coach Stefan at our North location. Dispite a busy home and work life, Jess made her health and fitness a priority, and it paid off big time. 

Great Job Jess! Your PSTS family is proud of you!

As with the Men’s Transformation Challenge, we had many tremendous successes all around from our Women’s Challenge…

As a group, the women in this 2018 Transformation Challenge dropped a total of 24 pounds of fat, and an average of 2% in Body Fat.  

But, our biggest success…

These ladies dropped over 46 inches! 

Among the transformations we see with fat loss, inches dropped, and gains in lean mass, one of the most exciting changes we see in our women participants is their mindset shift. Instead of focusing on the scale, these ladies get excited about being able to better perform push-ups, pushing more weight on the sled, not feeling as winded between sets, and seeing the muscle definition in their arms.

Guess what happens when they forget about the scale, and start focusing on what their bodies can do at the gym…

They lose fat! They start moving better! They feel great! And their confidence sky rockets!

What could be more rewarding???


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