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Who We Are

At PowerStrength we change the lives of our members with professional coaching, customized programming, and one of the most enjoyable training experiences on Earth. From humble beginnings in 2011, PowerStrength has grown year-after-year and is considered by many to be the area-leader for sports performance and personal training.

PowerStrength builds faster, stronger, more confident athletes ages 11+ of all sports and ability levels. PowerStrength is also a sought after consultant for multiple local high school athletic departments and leads multiple high school  strength & conditioning programs. The facts show that PowerStrength trains the most athletes in the area year after year and have helped 500+ earn the opportunity to play collegiately.

In addition, PowerStrength serves adults ages 40+ who want to lose weight, look great, and feel great through premium personal training. Pioneering this style of training and programming in West Michigan has been a game-changer for our community. Thousands of lives have been positively impacted through the success that is achieved within the walls of PowerStrength.

PowerStrength currently operates out of three West Michigan locations – located in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Jenison. 

The endless athletic and physical results speak loudly, but more importantly, the PowerStrength values system is ingrained throughout our program. The intention is to not simply build better performance and results – but to build stronger men and women and equip them with the habits and mindset for a successful, fulfilling, servant-leader lifestyle.

This growth and success is consistently achieved for the last 11+ years because of the members that make up our PowerStrength Team. This is a group of All-Stars that is catapulting success for our Team, our members, and their own careers as we are executing an exciting company vision. The PowerStrength Team is truly unique and unlike many facilities in the country. Hiring and investing in quality people for our team and performing our craft with integrity has, and will always be, a top priority.

Our goal is that upon successful completion of your internship experience, you have a confident understanding of how to get results with your clients, firsthand experience of being part of an industry-leading fitness facility, and the experience to be hired as a valuable trainer and team member at ANY training facility in the country.

PowerStrength alone has successfully hired over 25 team members out of our Internship Experience and counting!

Who This is Perfect For

This experience is perfect for individuals who are hungry to continually learn and want a complete, hands-on, ‘real-world’ experience working in the sports performance and fitness industry. This is for you if you have a passion for working with people and making a positive impact in their lives, while exploring a career in the fitness industry – and are ready to work hard to be successful

While we have had college undergrads, college graduates, and fitness professionals with 10-years of experience participate in our Internship experience – our candidate pool is primarily made up of individuals who are:

  • College students with an emphasis in Kinesiology/Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy, & Athletic Training
  • Individuals pursuing a career in one of the following fields:
    • Personal Training (health and fitness)
    • Sports Performance for youth, high school, collegiate, or professional athletes
    • Strength and Conditioning for athletes
    • Physical Therapy
    • Health and Nutrition Coaching
    • Chiropractic Care
    • Sports Coaching
    • Physical Education
  • A ‘Career within a Career’  – there are  many roles we have within PowerStrength that any educational background will fit as long as the individual has a passion for continual learning, being part of an all-star team, and helping people live amazing lives!

PowerStrength hosts multiple industry experts each year that Internship participants have access to

Intern Stories of Success

Course Overview

We have heard the glooming questions of Kinesiology students everywhere –

“Does this apply to me?”
“When will I ever use this?”
“How will I use this?”
“What’s the best certification to take?”
“What’s the best way to get into the fitness industry?”
“Can I actually earn a living doing what I love?”

Our aim is to address these questions with a professional, university-level curriculum into coaching and understanding personal training, sports performance, and having a successful career in the fitness industry.

The PowerStrength Internship opportunity provides participants with first-class experience into one of the country’s most successful operations in the private-training sector. The goal of this course is to provide the “why” and the “how” of delivering optimal results through fitness training programs, building client relationships, working within a professional team, and understanding exemplary customer service. Multiple resources will be used to achieve this goal and detailed, progressively-structured study material is provided to ensure an optimal learning environment.

Upon full completion and adherence to the course, it is our aim for participants to demonstrate confidence in their ability to fulfill an entry level coaching position in the health and fitness field – ANYWHERE!

Part of the immersive experience is following a progressed curriculum that progresses you week-to-week that leads you into coaching  real clients in real sessions in a functional learning environment. We do NOT just throw participants into a ‘live’ session to coach on Day 1. This is a disservice to the participant, our clients, and the credibility of the PowerStrength Team. Coaching confidence is built from participants ingesting the material and demonstrating competence before instructing a paying client to a high-standard.

In addition, the Internship Experience course is comprised of:

  • Minimum 8-12 weeks in length (Adjustable to the individual as needed) 
  • Minimum 20-hours of observational facility experience each week (Adjustable to fulfill individual requirements)
  • Weekly training meetings
  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching meeting with supervisor 
  • Industry-leading online curriculum provided to optimize learning experience in and out of the facility
  • End of experience demonstration
  • Access to PowerStrength Educational Resources
  • Access to PowerStrength Network

Curriculum Outline

Monthly hands-on trainer workshops are conducted with the PowerStrength Team and/or experts in the PowerStrength network

The course curriculum is based on learning fundamental movement patterns and exercises, client observation, QnA, and live demonstrations. Materials and methods have been compiled upon successfully working with thousands of clients over the last decade.

The curriculum includes but is not limited to:

  • PowerStrength expectations and values
  • Company teamwork methods
  • Onboarding progression for new clients 
  • Anatomical posture and the role it plays in training and performance 
  • Movement assessments and application 
  • Fundamental movement patterns with full progression/regression spectrum
  • Training preparation period – soft-tissue and warm-up modalities 
  • Dynamic training principles and how to optimize speed, power, and strength 
  • Barbell fundamental movement techniques 
  • Functional anatomy and physiology 
  • Coaching adaptations 
  • Training special populations 
  • Energy system development
  • Program-design fundamentals 
  • And more

Intern Success Stories

Applicant Requirements


  • Individual must submit application (below) and complete interview process
  • Individual must complete all necessary paperwork and gain approval with school administration prior to start date (as needed)
  • Individual must complete digital course curriculum on schedule
  • Individual must complete mid-term and final evaluations 
  • Personable, friendly, and positive disposition with high-energy
  • Reliable, punctual, and detail-oriented
  • A desire to improve that is exemplified through daily actions
  • Attend meetings to learn how to become an industry-leading professional and all-star coach
  • A team player who is humble, open and honest, and will go the extra mile for your teammates
  • Observe sessions during the specified time frames and add to the client experience as needed

Participants have a professional advantage after successful completion of the PowerStrength Internship course

Apply Below

*Completed Applications will be replied to within 5 business days. If for some reason there was an error in your application, or you have not received a reply – please email info@powerstrengthpro.com. 

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