“Unlike any other gym”

Congratulations Cathy Albro! Our PowerStrength East Member of the Month!

“Working out at PowerStrength has changed my life. I can’t imagine not doing it now. My energy level, mood and focus has greatly improved with regular workouts. I have worked out at other health clubs, but PowerStrength is unlike any other. The knowledgeable staff makes sure each of us is getting the most out of each hour we spend investing in our health.”

Cathy began training at PowerStrength in November of 2017, and since her start 15 months ago has made it a priority to attend at least 3 workouts per week – rain or shine. Because of this, her strength and posture have improved greatly, and her gym confidence has sky-rocketed! In addition, we love that she always rocks her PowerStrength t-shirts and a smile on her face each and every workout!

“Before I joined PowerStrength in 2017, I did not have a regular workout strategy. I tried to work out to kick-boxing and other videos, but found it difficult to be motivated. Now, I try to make at least 3 workouts a week at PowerStrength. I love that the workouts are different every time I go and they help me build a faster metabolism and help me feel strong. The coaches make sure I’m doing each exercise with correct form and provide adaptations for just the right challenge. I look forward to each workout because everyone is so friendly and encouraging- it feels like family. Working out has become part of my life and I feel SO much better.”

Cathy we are so glad that you joined our PowerStrength Family over a year ago! We can’t imagine our PowerStrength East Family without you, and we look forward to many, many fun workouts to come!