Training year-round helps freshman make varsity lacrosse team!

Zack has been training at PSTS since January of 2017. Zack Bozek of Kenowa Hills is one of our most dedicated athletes ever at PowerStrength. He has been “In-Season” all school year. Zack understands the importance of training during a sports season.

He’s been getting better and better all year. This spring he made the varsity lacrosse team as a freshman!

Every training session Zack comes to is customized to meet his goals, how he’s feeling that day based on practices and sport events, and gets him more prepared for the next gameday.

His hard work and commitment to getting better both in and out of the gym is something that will stick with Zack the rest of his life.

We are very proud of Zack and excited to follow along this lacrosse season and beyond! Way to work buddy!