The Peter Fisk Journey You Never Heard Of, Until Now

Peter Fisk did it.


He had a goal, a dream, to play Division 1 college football. A couple years ago that didn’t look as promising.


Never doubt the power of the human will, especially in a young man like Peter.


Peter accepted a preferred walk-on offer from Michigan State football this past weekend. If you follow high school football in West Michigan chances are you’ve never heard of Peter Fisk and nobody would really blame you. To understand why we have to start at the beginning…


Peter Fisk has been a member of PowerStrength since his freshman year of high school at Forest Hills Northern. Pete focused on football and lacrosse and graduated in 2015. Peter was a standout player his first two years and was slated to have a large role his junior campaign on an FHN team that boasted one of the best defenses in the area. Pete came down with mono and missed the first half of the season. He came back and played well despite the illness and the stage was set for a huge senior season.



PSTS crew at a Whitecaps Game. Of course Pete came out with a foul ball.



Now, if you follow high school lacrosse in West Michigan then you surely have heard of Peter Fisk.


Peter was a 2x All-State lacrosse selection and an All-American his senior season. The spring of his junior season Peter and FHN were making another state final run when an injury changed Peter’s path. During the semi-final game Peter was in the middle of a cut when another player rolled up on his leg. The result was a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus. The greater result was that Peter was forced to miss his senior season of football.


Despite the injury, Peter was still able to earn a D1 lacrosse scholarship. However, the dream to play football was still there. When he got hurt the quote we focused on with him was, “every setback is an opportunity for a greater comeback,”


Peter was back in the gym doing upper body workouts a couple weeks after surgery – and he never left. He was always a good athlete with unique athleticism but now he could spend all his time focusing on training. Peter transformed into a 6’1 217lb athlete. He’s stronger than most linemen and has the athleticism to match skill players. Most importantly, he’s running faster and jumping higher than he did before his injury. He regained his unique ability to plant and cut. This was something we knew was going to be a challenge because being able to do that at his size is what made him a special athlete. His highlight tapes prove that he’s doing alright.

Peter and PSTS athletes having fun with our "team photo" after a speed session

Peter and PSTS athletes having fun with our “team photo” after a speed session

Peter is one of those athletes who scares you a little bit on the field or in the gym. He’s not actually crazy but he kind of is. These types of athletes are rare but it seems like we attract a higher number of them. They get this look in their eye like they’ll do anything to prove you wrong, put their bodies through a beating, and enjoy every second of it.


The physical progress he made throughout his rehab and training was above the norm. Yet the best thing that came out of it was the maturity in mindset. Peter had a choice after his injury to still play a D1 sport or to pursue the long shot. He controlled what he could control and focused on winning each day – after a while those wins added up. Peter developed the blue-collar mindset that so many of our PSTS athletes posses. This bolstered his confidence to go for his dream.


Peter was set to attend a prep school out east to prepare for D1 lacrosse. Before he left he contacted some college football coaches and they told him to stay in touch. It was a start. Peter would send him tape of his prep school football season every week. He was beginning to turn some heads. At the end of the season the communication picked up for him and some schools, but Michigan State was the goal.


Linebacker Highlights 

Running Back Highlights


When Peter got the official word he actually called a PSTS coach first to let us know – we were psyched. Pete joins 2015 preferred walk-on and fellow PSTS Disciple Kenney Willekes (Northpointe) for the Spartans. The walk-on mentality fits these two perfectly. They prefer it. And their coaches love it.

“Complacency kills.”

“Earn the right.”

“It’s a lifestyle.”

“Ascend or Perish.”




These are some of our sayings around the gym that these guys have engrained in their work ethic and attitude. I assure you, the celebration has already stopped for Peter. This is just an opportunity, nothing more. He has nothing right now and he’ll be ready to work for everything and embrace the process.


Through taking consistent action Peter was able to continue to polish his intensity, build his body and mind, and complete a comeback in the face of the odds against him.


The PSTS Family is proud and we look forward to more of his hard work.


*Peter’s parents, Bill and Renee, are some of the most supportive parents around. They deserve the credit for instilling the proper values in Peter for him to pursue this journey.



Just for fun, below is a clip of Peter joining the wrestling team to take part in a few matches because he felt like it. Unconventional but strength and power tend to prevail! Listen closely to the commentary for a laugh.