“Becoming the Strongest Version of Myself” – Arianna Macartney

Congratulations Arianna Macartney – February Member of the Month!

Pictured above, the 8:30am morning group congratulates Arianna on her February Member of the Month Award (Pictured left to right – Barb, Sandy, Arianna, Karen (Arianna’s Mother), and Susie)


Arianna began training with the PowerStrength tribe in September of 2017 when she first joined the Women’s Transformation Challenge.  Since her success in this initial challenge, she has continued to be a staple in our morning and afternoon Blue Collar and Thrive sessions. Arianna is joined at PowerStrength by her sister Zoe, currently playing volleyball at the University of Pennsylvania, and her Mother, Karen, who trains alongside Arianna on a daily basis.

Arianna first came to PSTS with a lot of pain from a severe back injury and fibromyalgia.  This pain had led her down a road of sedentary behavior accompanied by depression and anxiety.


“What drew me to say YES to joining the first Women’s Challenge was the attentiveness and enthusiasm of the coaches. They truly want to see you improve, and they provide support and encouragement every step of the way.”


The progress that Arianna has made in the last 6 months has been outstanding – she is stronger and more mobile then ever before, and her smile could light up a room.

“After 6 months of training with PSTS I feel more mobile, fitter, stronger and more empowered than ever in my life. The PSTS coaches helped immensely by tailoring the workouts to meet my needs – working on specific areas to increase mobility and strength. Training alongside other women who hold me accountable helped me get there and it’s become a favorite part of my week!


Arianna is beyond deserving of the Member of the Month, making tremendous fitness strides since joining back in September. In addition to minimizing pain, increasing total body strength, and moving much better, Arianna was also lost 13 POUNDS OF FAT!

But it was more than the physical results that motivated Arianna to continue training at PSTS…


“Even more astoundingly for me, was that this year I felt no impact of Seasonal Depressive Disorder. The endorphin boost after every workout carried me through the dreary winter months with no blues!”


Arianna’s passion for health and wellness will be taking her away from us soon, as she will be leaving the Grand Rapids area to continue her schooling to become a Naturopathic Doctor.


I feel mentally and physically at the top of my game which is going to help me as I start my journey in April to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor (ND). I’ll be attending the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine to become an ND to treat and heal others holistically. After going to PSTS, I now have experienced the healing power of movement and strength training!


Arianna – We are sad to see you go, but we are excited to see what the future has in store for you. We look forward to finishing March STRONG, and having you back in the gym during your visits home. You will always be a part of our PowerStrength Family!

Congratulations Arianna!