Young softball team gets faster, stronger, and more explosive

This softball and volleyball group from (mostly) Ravenna got better with us this summer! They trained 2 times a week together and they did an outstanding job! These ladies came to work to every single session focused and ready to get better.

After finishing up their final performance tests, it’s clear their consistency paid off with great improvements. On average they reduced their 10-yard sprint by half a tenth, increased their broad jumps by 4+ inches, increased their vertical jumps by over 1.5 inches, increased their chin-ups, and increased their push-ups by 4 reps!! 

These pictures show them working on their lateral acceleration and deceleration, and Coach Cam teaching them proper knee drive and lower body mechanics when sprinting.

It’s a lot of fun when you can get better with your friends! Great job ladies, we look forward to having you back! 👏