Soccer Standout Adds Speed and Quickness

speed and quicknessHigh School soccer standout, Baxter Baas (EGR) has worked hard to add speed and quickness. With his quiet demeanor, Baxter consistently shows up 3x per week and absolutely dominates his sessions!

The effort and energy that Baxter brings on a daily basis to push himself and get better really spoke volumes during his last testing period!

 dropped nearly 2 tenths in his electric 10 yard sprint
 added 11 inches to his broad jump
 added 2.5 inches to his vertical jump
 increases his chin-up total by 16
 increased his push-up total by 10

We look forward to seeing these results, and the work ethic it takes to achieve them, translate to the soccer field. Your increased speed and quickness will make you a valuable asset to your team.

Keep it up big Baxter!

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