Sluggers Sports Academy, Big Results for Baseball

Sluggers Sports AcademyThe Sluggers Sports Academy Select Teams wrapped up their off-season baseball training program!

Sluggers Sports Academy launched its partnership with PowerStrength in the fall of 2019 as they wanted to provide a quality, trusted training option for their baseball athletes during the off-season. It has been a wonderful experience for all involved!

These sluggers saw awesome results just training two days per week since September which is a testament to their consistent effort!

On average, the group saw progress of:

Vertical Jump: +2 inches
Broad Jump: +6 inches
Chin-Ups: +7 reps
Push-Ups: A LOT
Bodyweight: +13lbs
Electric 10yd: -.02 

This crew will enter the diamond this season bigger, stronger, and more explosive!

PSTS is very proud of this group and we are looking forward to their future progress and success!

We can help you or your team see big results!

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