September Member of the Month

The Blue Collar September Member of the Month goes to long-time supporter, parent, and 6am Breakfast Club member, Mark Holloman. Mark has been with us for the last 10-months and knows the true meaning of dedication as he comes to our 6am training groups every week! His progress, energy, and health all reflect this discipline!

Mark is a dad, husband, and carries out a hectic full time job – but these responsibilities don’t hold him back! They are his motivation and only push him harder. He knows what it takes to stay committed.

Mark was introduced to us through his young son who has been a PSTS athlete for many years. If his son could do it, so could he. Mark attributes his progress to the non-complacent mindset of his morning workout buddies and the coaches continually pushing him.

Keep up the hard work Mark! We are proud of you and are so glad to have you as part of our PowerStrength Family!