Rank Your Favorite Stadiums to Experience High School Football

We are in the heart of the high school football season which means the PSTS Staff has been out to watch a number of games already. Each week we have PSTS coaches scattered throughout West Michigan in the stands watching the hard work of many young men pay off on the field. It’s rewarding to watch their success as we have had a firsthand glimpse of what it took to achieve it behind the scenes.

However, part of what makes this so exciting is that we are spoiled in West Michigan with our high school football scene. Everything from media coverage, to the high level of skill, to legendary coaches, to the die-hard fan communities.

Working with hundreds of football players at PowerStrength has put us in the stands quite a bit as you can imagine. What’s so fun is that attending so many games gives us a unique opportunity to travel across the area visiting a number of stadiums. Being born and raised in West Michigan, playing and coaching high school football, and having a number of PSTS coaches play in the area as well, also adds to the stadium visits as both players and/or coaches.

While some stadiums are more elaborate than others, the environment isn’t always dictated around architecture.

We thought we’d have some fun and collect a list of our Top 10 Favorite Places to Experience a Football Game on Friday Night.

Now, before fans get crazy and hold a life-long grudge against us because their school was left off the list – here are a few things to know on how we came up with this list:

  • Based off stadiums we have attended
  • Polled coaches, athletes, and families in our network on their favorites
  • Environment, energy, and stadium-setting was taken into account
  • Concessions, parking, and player facilities was taken into account as well
  • Something that makes the experience unique

We narrowed it down to 14 schools below. It was impossible to rank…so help us out!

Did you your school make the list?

How would you rank them?

Who makes your top 10?  Your top 5???

Let us know!


Catholic Central

Brand new spectacle. The tunnel, close to the action, video scoreboard, and plenty of seating and standing room.

Picture By: MLive Sports


Maybe the most close-knit community (and the Pink Arrow Game), the setting, and great concessions.

Picture By: http://lowellsfirstlook.com/pink-arrow-prides-off-season/


The bowl, the tunnel, plenty of standing area, and close to the action.


Rich history, unique, fans wrap the field, not fancy but always have to come ready to play.

East Grand Rapids

In the heart of the community, plenty of seating, great flow in the stadium, cool view of Reeds Lake, not a bad seat.


Sheer vastness, plenty of room, water tower logo, community out in force.


Another monster stadium that doesn’t house a bad seat.

Comstock Park

Hidden gem tucked away is the “Field of Dreams” for area football.

Forest Hills Northern

The bowl-setting in late Fall is tough to beat.


Close to the action, rich history, beauty in the simplicity that comes alive on Friday nights.

West Catholic

The home-field advantage is strong and their success is proof. Community makes the experience.

Houseman Field

Rich history and the restoration makes it more enjoyable.

East Kentwood

If anyone remembers  where they used to play back in the mid-2000’s then you’ll understand why they’re on this list!

GR Christian

Setting, entrance, and lookout from concessions. Spacious for home or away fans.


Honorable Mention:

Northview Concessions

Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the Wildcat Grille!


Who did we miss?

Regardless if you agree with our opinions or not, we hope you enjoyed this and had as much fun with it as we did. Everyone has their favorites for a number of reasons relative to them.

The important thing is that you stop and soak in how fortunate we are in West Michigan with the game of football. There aren’t many community events that pour as many people together as regularly as Friday night’s do so it’s nice to soak it all in.

We look forward to experiencing further games and to make it out to stadiums we haven’t been too yet!

Have a STRONG rest of the season and enjoy the action!


P.S. – Feel free to share this list with your friends and discuss. It brings out a lot of memories and stories!

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