Basketball Athlete Gains Muscle!

It can be verey difficult for basketball athletes to gain lean muscle. PSTSDisciple and basketball hooper, Austin, just gained 16.7lbs of bodyweight in 8-weeks! Nearly 11lbs of pure muscle! (Thanks InBody for allowing us accurate feedback to take out the guesswork with nutrition and training).

Austin ALWAYS has had trouble gaining weight and definitely didn’t want to gain “bad” weight. His dedication and focus to his training, nutrition, and skill work is amazing! And he’s jumping his highest as well!

Not to mention, Austin did this WHILE playing ball 3+ times per week and INCREASING his standing vertical and approach vertical. At 6’8, he’s going to hurt some backboards this season! He’s not done yet!

Props to the entire hooper squad led by PSTS Basketball Development Director Brian Palmer.

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