PSTS Disciple heads off to WMU for D1 football

Stu Ketter is one of the all-time best #PSTSDisciples. Yesterday we sent him off to college. Stu (EGR) trained consistently 3-5x per week for 3-years, and he just reported to WMU for football. In addition to his training, Stu is a smart young man, who will see success outside of football.

His original dream was to play Division 1 college football and maximize his HS career. Through his extreme dedication and work ethic, he made it happen.

There aren’t many athletes we’ve seen that have made as much progress as Stu. Stu’s mentality towards his goals, attitude when being coached, and his approach to daily improvement is what has made him as one of the best role models we’ve seen. Above all, we know the qualities that Stu has developed will stay with him long after football. 

We’re not surprised as he learned it from many other PSTS #Dudes over the years. (Dudes aka, some of West Michigan’s best athletes who make those around them better).

Stu is a great leader and a good pal to have in the gym. Now he’s off to write his next chapter and achieve new goals at WMU – and we’ll always be some of his biggest fans!