‘Premier’ Football Program at PowerStrength

We officially began our Premier Advanced Football Training program in 2016, but it was actually years in the making. The majority of our best football athletes in PSTS history have experienced this type of focused training and preparation. In the last two years alone, over 35 athletes have come out of this program to play in college.

This is an upper-level group that trains a minimum of 3x per week with us, and typically, these athletes have already spent months in our program. The training itself is more advanced but the commitment and dedication is what truly makes this a high-tier program. Athletes must qualify to be eligible for this program, which helps us keep the high standards and expectations for these Premier athletes. We always have a few serious sophomores in this program, but mainly reserve it for upperclassmen as they are on the recruiting trail, or preparing for their first year of college ball.

What’s cool about our seniors in this program is that by the time they graduate high school, they move into our college football training groups with our college athletes who are home or the summer. They get to learn and train with them firsthand so when they get to school, they don’t have to adjust as much from a social or intensity standpoint. Much of the feedback tells us that they are among some of the top freshmen when they report.

“I trained at PowerStrength for 3 years in high school and it helped me earn my dream of playing D1 football. As I entered camp as a walk-on, I came in ready to compete. PSTS helped me enter school at a solid weight, along with the strength and speed to compete at the D1 level. I was among the top in my recruiting class when it came to training, lifting techniques, and being comfortable in the weight room. Most importantly, PSTS instilled in me an intense drive and work ethic that allowed me to bypass the competition. They taught me to always give it my all, go all out in everything I do, and to always to the little things right. It’s why I choose to still be part of PSTS to this day.” – Kenny W. – D1 Football Player


All of the Premier athletes want to maximize their high school experience on the field and off, and the majority have a goal of playing college football. To accomplish either of these they know they must train harder and smarter than the competition. All of these athletes perform workouts with their high school teams and then come to PowerStrength for additional training. This is how they develop an edge. Many of the Premier athletes are All-Conference or All-State players and are leaders on their team. They recognize they must continually challenge themselves in order to perform and lead at their best. We refer to them as the 1%.

Premier Athletes learning proper stance and starts for running their fastest 40yd dash

In our Premier program, everything is heightened in order to provide the highest-level of training. The instruction, intensity, and expectations are raised. This goes far beyond just “lifting weights” and carries into nutrition, recovery methods, and daily actions outside of the gym. Every Monday night is our Speed Night. Premier members from both PSTS gyms train together through speed, change of direction, and combine-prep drills.

Speed Night is always followed up by a 30-minute talk. These talks range from leadership, values, recruiting, advanced nutrition, and are either led by Mark, Skyler, Cam, or a guest speaker. The goal is to provide our young men as much guidance and knowledge through experience in order to prepare them for aspects beyond football. This is what makes this group extra special.

Stu Kettler (’19) taking notes during a Monday Night talk in his PSTS notebook

The Premier program runs during the off-season through two, 12-week phases. Phase 1 is coming to an end with Phase 2 beginning in March. At the end of each phase we host an official In-House Combine for these athletes in order to give them practice testing, but also to measure their progress.

Please contact Mark directly if interested in learning more about how you can get involved in Premier – Mark.Ehnis@powerstrengthpro.com

Below is a list of serious football players, all but a handful are Premier members:

Class of 2020

Chase Bradman – South Christian

Mitchell Doyle – West Catholic

Brad Rohen -Blanton – Rockford

Zane Way – West Catholic

Class of 2019 

Carson Bekins – Grandville

Matt Bilski- West Catholic

Kyle Delamielleure – Forest Hills Northern

Jordan Dent – Lowell

Nick Dorato – West Catholic

Brady Doyle – Forest Hills Eastern

Noah Graff – Newaygo

Luke Harmon – Grand Rapids Catholic Central

Spencer Holestege – South Christian

Spencer Hulst- South Christian

Stuart Kettler – East Grand Rapids

Spencer Notenbaum – Grandville *Baseball

Jake Pease – West Catholic

Andrew Tennant – Grandville *Rugby

Ethan Zainea – West Catholic

Class of 2018 

*These Premier athletes already committed

Dan VanOpstall – Jenison – Michigan State

Nolan Fugate – GRCC – Davenport

Blake Keller – Hudsonville – Davenport

Jake McLean – Rockford – Grand Valley State

Fletcher Hulst – South Christian – Hope

Toby Hulst – South Christian – Hope

Henry Sommerdyke – GRCC – Hope

Nathaniel Mitchell – West Catholic – Mount Union

Grant Bearss – GRCC – Northwood

Aidan Burns – GRCC – Northwood

Zaavon Scott – West Catholic – Northwood

Chas Shride – Byron Center – Olivet Nazarene

Josh Shafley – Northpointe – Wheaton

Jack Bowen – GRCC – Vanderbilt

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