PowerStrength Energy Bites (No Baking Required)

Need a mid-day snack to cure your 3pm sugar craving? Or maybe you are looking for the perfect pre-workout fuel? How about something quick and easy?

Look no further than our PowerStrength No Bake Energy Bites!

These sweet treats are packed-full of protein and healthy fat – sure to keep you energized and ready to dominate your afternoon duties.

The best part?

These ‘No Bakes’ are super easy and quick to whip together, and only require 5 ingredients!

Try them out and let us know what you think!

PowerStrength No Bake Energy Bites


-1 ½ Cups of Rolled oats
-2 scoops of PowerStrength Whey or Vegan Protein Powder (Chocolate or Vanilla)
-¾ Cup of Natural Peanut Butter/Nut butter of choice
-¼ Cup of coconut oil

Optional Add-Ins:
-⅓ Cup of dark chocolate chips (optional)
-2 tsp. of chia seeds


Mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl.
Roll into balls and place on tray.
Freeze for 30-45 minutes.
Store in fridge.

It is as easy as that!  ENJOY!

Don’t have any protein powder? NO PROBLEM!

Pick up a PSTS Protein Supplement next time you are in the gym, or order it online through our website: https://powerstrengthpro.com/shop/