From “petrified” of the gym, to training 4x/week!

Congratulations Sandy Grzybek – Our PowerStrength East Member of the Month!

“Before PowerStrength I had not been working out and certainly had NEVER belonged to any gym. In fact, I was petrified of going into ‘places like that’!

After having gone through several stressful family type events, then a bit of a medical scare for myself, I had decided it was time for me to focus on me and my health. So I joined the Transformation Challenge in Jan 2018.

The experience from the first “orientation” meeting through where I am today has been nothing but INCLUSIVE & AMAZING! I felt like I had gained a new favorite place and made new friends immediately! I was encouraged and made to believe I could do anything.”

Sandy has been on a transformative journey since beginning at PowerStrength for the past 14-months. Sandy has improved her strength, body composition, health biometrics, fitness-level, and CONFIDENCE!

“The best testament came for me in the Fall ‘18 when having to go through follow-up lab work and the best surprise was seeing all of my heart health indicators had made a complete turnaround! Total Cholesterol, for example, went from 199 to 145! I lost weight and changed my body composition too, but more important to me is the fact that I’ve changed my fitness level completely!”

When Sandy first started at PowerStrength she doubted her ability to be able to ‘keep up’ and perform movements that were new to her. Her ability, confidence, and belief in herself have since skyrocketed! She now knows her own STRENGTH, and isn’t afraid to push herself outside of her own comfort zone, always achieving more! Since her start, Sandy has made a commitment to attend workouts 3 times per week. When her husband John also started training at PowerStrength, she bumped it up to 4 times per week so they could train together. As an extra bonus, they get to spend more quality time together since committing to a healthier lifestyle!

“I am so happy I got over my fears and decided to make my health a priority! I may not always ‘feel’ like I’m going to have a great workout on the way in, but I am ALWAYS so happy I get in and I ALWAYS feel better coming out!

I’m stronger. I’m more confident.
I haven’t had knee pain in over a year.
I have improved heart health.
I have a team that works with my ailments and makes adjustments to keep me going.PowerStrength is a life changer, lifesaver and life enhancer for which I am truly grateful!!”

Sandy- Your TRANSFORMATION has been REMARKABLE to witness! We are so proud of everything you have accomplished in the last year and the entire PowerStrength Team is thankful to have you and John in our PSTS Fam! Congratulations!