Not Getting the Fat-loss Results You Want?

Have you been training diligently for several months, but still aren’t seeing the fat-loss results that you are looking for?

Not seeing progress is frustrating and can be de-motivating. Why continue to dedicate time and effort to something that doesn’t seem to be making a difference on the scale?

These are the thoughts that run through tireless minds, prior to falling off the wagon – putting the fat-loss goal on the back burner once again.

This stall in fat-loss progress is common, BUT it isn’t your fate.

Let us share the good news…and maybe a little reality with you…

TRUTH #1: Not all training is created equal. 

Is your daily workout designed with fat-loss in mind? It should be!

Fat-loss requires more than hoping on the treadmill, or attending a spin or yoga class a few days per week. Your training program should be well-planned out, results-driven, and customized for your needs.

If you feel like you are performing random circus-like movements in your current boot camp class – than it is likely that you are!

In our PowerStrength coaching facilities – we want to ensure that we are providing each client with an effective training program and the needed guidance that gets results. Our programming, including every workout and movement is planned and programmed with reason. The educated and knowledgeable PSTS staff are able to make adjustments mid-workout to cater to multiple ability levels.

OUR ADVICE: Be sure that you are following a program that will get you the results you are looking for. Do your research and ask the important questions when visiting/trying out gyms. Don’t waste your time and money on fad workouts – they just fuel the frustration!

TRUTH #2: Exercise alone is not ideal for fat loss.

There are other key fat-loss priorities that should NOT be ignored if we are serious about making changes. Fat-loss is hindered when we are not also examining and making changes to the below lifestyle factors:

(1) Nutrition

(2) Sleep

(3) Stress Management

(4) Daily Lifestyle Movement

If we are not addressing these other fat-loss components, then we are doing ourselves a disservice. We are working too hard in the gym, to not get the results we are earning.

OUR ADVICE: Develop a strategy for success for each of the key priorities above. Take time to make a detailed plan, and set specific goals for the factors that are most challenging for you.


KEEP FOLLOWING US – We will be writing blogs on each of these key priorities for fat-loss within the next few weeks! The shared content may help you set goals!

Are ready to fully commit to a lifestyle change that will provide lasting results?

We want to support you on your journey. Set-up a strategy session with one of our accountability coaches to get started!

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