Member Spotlight: Added 20lbs of Muscle!

Member of the Month Spotlight – Jaron Buschert
Jaron joined our Blue Collar Adult group almost a year ago and has made some serious progress. He came to PowerStrength with some symptoms that effected his ability to do many movements without a lot of pain. Despite this, he committed himself to training at least 3x/week and always comes early to perform additional work. Jaron made his training a priority and worked very hard to enhance his lifestyle.

Jaron has added over 20lbs of muscle and went from squatting with only his bodyweight to 225lbs for reps. He has made some serious waves amongst his group as he continually is giving his best effort when in the gym. We’re so pumped for Jaron and the journey he has dedicated himself to. He will be the first to tell you, he is not done yet and is just getting started.

Congratulations J, we’re proud of you!