Your Scale is a Liar! Measuring REAL Progress

Your scale is LYING TO YOU!

You’ve heard this before… but the scale only reveals one (deceptive) number.

Matt F. is a prime example and his dedication is proof of this. Since his first day at PowerStrength, Matt has been focused on improving each and every week in the gym and making sustained healthy eating habits outside the gym. In the last 6-months, he has seen incredible results – losing 9 pounds of fat and adding over 5 pounds of muscle!

If we trusted that liar of a scale it would tell us he lost 1.4lbs and we wouldn’t see the awesome change in his body composition. Using the InBody (one of our favorite tools) reveals the TRUTH about his work and progress – Matt has dropped over 4% in body fat! This paints a more accurate picture of how the body is responding and changing and IS SO VERY IMPORTANT FOR MEASURING SUCCESS!

Here’s what Matt has to say about his results:

“Before PowerStrength, I was trying to motivate myself to wake up before work every morning and exercise in the basement with a set of workout DVDs and limited dumbbells. I’ve been a member of some different gyms in the past but nothing stuck like PowerStrength. The hands-on training style is just what I needed to be successful in a training program. I’ve changed the way I eat, changed the way I think about training and the results have been incredibly rewarding so far.

PowerStrength has changed my daily routine in an incredibly positive way since my wife and started back in August. I very rarely feel tired or sluggish, I’m more confident because I’ve added muscle while dropping body fat and I also find myself more motivated to take on new physical challenges. Motivation to stick with a workout routine has always been an issue for me, but going to PowerStrength is never something I bargain with myself about.

Every workout is different, the people (the coaches and fellow PowerStrength members) are amazing. I attend both locations and the vibe in each gym is always positive!”

Awesome job Matt! Keep going STRONG!