Two Varsity Linemen Living the Blue Collar Mindset

To be a football linemen, you have to be tough. We help develop this toughness through consistent training and having a blue collar mindset. These two PowerStrength Disciples have been exemplifying it for a long time and they earned our Athlete of the Month Awards!

The Athlete of the Month for June goes to Alex Anthony!

Alex has been training ever since last summer and is now geared up for a big senior year. He has trained 3x/week all off-season, as well as his team. Alex simply gets to work and does whatever he needs to keep making progress.

Since the end of last football season, he has gained 17lbs of bodyweight, added 50lbs to both his bench and squat, and is running faster than ever before. Alex also doubled the amount of chin-ups he can do. He has transformed from the 180lb-er we saw 15-months ago!

Alex took part in our Premiere football program and always leads by example. He is primed for a big senior year as a starting linemen for Rockford High School!

Great job Alex and thank you for all your effort and work.

Your #PSTSFam is proud of you!

Two gyms means two Athlete of the Month awards! Nolan Brooks has done amazing things the last couple years and this off-season he really stepped up.

Since November he could barely squat 225. Now he’s at 315 and has also added over 40lbs to his bench. He doubled the amount of chin-ups he can do and has greatly improved his body composition. His speed has improved

Nolan was a member of our Premier football program and always comes ready to work with a smile on his face. He has even won a post-training game of basketball lightning #props.

Nolan has transformed from and has set himself for success both on the field and off as he worked himelf into a starting linemen at Rockford as well. We’re so proud of the effort and discipline he has applied during the process, he’s earned everything!