Kenny Willekes, PSTS Disciple, Sparks Revival of Division I Football Program

Kenny Willekes first walked into PowerStrength days after his sophomore football season ended. He was a skinny, wide-eyed kid who wanted to get better by any means – this was back in 2012.

When he first started training he was a maniac as he tried to keep up with older, stronger athletes. Months later, he was in the front yard of the old garage where the story took place that ESPN recently covered in this article

He wouldn’t let go and wouldn’t quit.

Over the next 5 years he went from a D7 high school, to walk-on at Michigan State, to D1 scholarship starter – and is making headlines in the Big 10 and ESPN. He lives our values and put them into practice.

One of the attributes that didn’t make the article was how Kenny still comes back to train at the gym whenever possible. Before he even starts on his own pre-workout routine he makes his rounds in the gym. He’ll shake hands and high-five everyone in the gym and introduce himself and get to know their names – no matter the age or sport. Kenny understands the impact he has even before he started making headlines.

What we have at PSTS is unique, and it’s unique because like Kenny helped build that culture – there are many others doing big things just like he is.

We’re very proud of the sacrifice, dedication, and work ethic he’s put in under-the-radar for YEARS. The stories and examples I could talk about are endless.


Check out the article and take a proud moment for being part of the PSTS Family!


P.S. – If you know a football player heading into his off-season and needs some inspiration, please send him this link. Maybe Kenny’s story will inspire him.


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