July Athlete of the Month – Michael Peterson

July Athlete of the Month was earned by PSTS hooper Michael Peterson! Mike returned to us a few months ago to prepare for his freshman season at a serious college basketball program.
His goal was to add muscle, bulletproof his body, while continuing to improve his skills on the court.

In the last 12-weeks Mike has gained 25lbs while adding to his vertical jump! His strength has gone through the roof and it’s showing on the court. To complement his time training in the gym, Mike also does basketball skills training with Coach Brian to find a healthy balance as a serious college athlete. This meant that Mike would oftentimes perform multiple sessions per day. It was always tough for Mike to add pounds to his frame, the fact that he was able to gain so much muscle means he was practicing proper nutrition and recovery as well!

Many athletes and hoopers can learn from Mike’s approach and work ethic. Great job Mike! Your discipline is paying off and we can’t wait to follow your success at the next level!